Fact Check: Filling petrol to full limit doesn't cause explosion

A viral message is doing rounds warning against filling petrol to full limits

Indian-oil-filling-petrol-statement (Left) The viral message going rounds in social media, (Right) The official statement issued by Indian Oil

A viral message claiming that filling petrol in vehicles to their maximum limit can lead to an explosion in the fuel tank has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp in India. The message, which has been tagged 'forwarded many times' also urges people to fill only half the tank and leave room for air, and open the petrol tank once a day to let the gas build up inside come out.

The message also claims that in the past week, five accidents have occurred due to filling petrol to the maximum limit. It further advises people to open the petrol tank once a day to let the gas build up inside come out. The message ends with a request to forward it to family members and others to prevent such accidents.

However, Indian Oil, through its Twitter handle, has issued a statement refuting these claims.

The company has disowned the message and clarified that automobile manufacturers design their vehicles with all aspects of performance requirements and ambient conditions in mind, with built-in safety factors. The maximum volume specified in the fuel tank for petrol/diesel vehicles is no exception, and it is perfectly safe to fill the fuel in vehicles up to the full limit as specified by the manufacturer, irrespective of winter or summer.

This viral message is therefore false and has no scientific basis and is only spreading misinformation.


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