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How Apple successfully avoided laying off its employees?

Apple postponed bonuses, delayed release of some of its new products


While many IT companies across the globe resorted to mass layoffs to bring down expenses, Apple stayed away from sacking employees, thanks to several well-thought-out measures adopted by the company. There have been large-scale layoffs in companies like Microsoft, Meta, and Google, while Apple employees continued to remain unaffected by the layoff season.

According to the well-known analyst of the company Mark Gurman, Apple has been doing everything possible, including postponing bonuses and delaying the release of some of its new products to avoid letting go of employees.

The company will pay the full bonuses, which have been postponed, in October, instead of twice a year. Delayed bonuses helped the company to have cash in hand a little longer.

Apple has also completely stopped hiring new talents in some teams while there is limited hiring in others. The company has also been conservative with hirings between 2020 and 2022.

Another step initiated by the company is to limit the number of transfers of its employees to other departments and stores as this usually involves additional costs.

Apple also chose to delay the production and launch of some of its products, like HomePod with a screen that may now hit the market only next year. Besides, new purchases will now require the approval of senior-level employees. There is also a reduction in travel budgets.

According to Gurman, top executives at Apple are considered to be leaders with clean ideas and plans.

Another step taken by the company is to be more strict with attendance, causing concern among employees that the company may sack employees who are lax with attendance.

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