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Afzal Anis, founder of First HelpCare NGO and Fametick Media, and Rony Das, a cyber security researcher, partnered up for new endeavours


There are men, born on our soil who have dedicated their entire life to the service of the citizens and the development of our country. Afzal Anis and Rony Das are no different. Rony Das, a child prodigy turned cybersecurity researcher, is the founder of an organisation called Axom Security. This organisation provides security solutions to its people and strives to make their confidential data safe and secure. At a young age, Rony was able to find out a bug in the official website of Gauhati University, just by using a basic android phone. This guy, later went on to discover a bug in Google’s Android Foreground Services, a bug that could have caused a banking malware to steal information related to the users. For this, Rony has not only gained recognition across the country but has also received a bounty of $5000.

Now, Rony has come up with a new plan to develop the country. Afzal Anis has decided to help him with this program. Both are now working hard, day and night, to make this happen. A young entrepreneur and a digital marketer, Afzal has established First HelpCare and  Fametick Media . First HelpCare was founded to assist the NGOs in raising funds for various causes. As a part of its program, Afzal Anis established an authentic crowdfunding platform that didn’t charge its donors even a penny for donating. This helped him establish trust among the donors. On Twitter, you can follow @imafzalanis and @first_helpcare to stay connected.

Rony Das and Afzal Anis are definitely into different works but their motto remains the same- development of the nation as well as its people. When asked about their work, Rony says,” When it comes to making the country better, it falls on the shoulders of each of its citizens. Therefore, I also started raising awareness about data security and the problems faced when data gets breached.” Afzal agreed with him on this. As a part of its organisation Fametick Media, Afzal has also been spreading information about the importance of digital marketing and why businesses need to make their presence online.

Afzal and Rony have worked hard to plan and strategize for this project, discussing even the tiniest detail. We are hoping to see that this project brings in some new energy to our country and contributes to its development.

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