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"India needs holistic capability development to succeed": Antano Solar John of A&H Legacy Accelerators


In a country like India, which holds the aspirations of millions, there has been a need for a paradigm shift in how we approach the idea of skilling and development. The job market is evolving by the day and there is a need for developing holistic capabilities in individuals so they can achieve higher goals with a growth mindset. Antano & Harini, the world’s largest one-on-one mentoring platform, has been doing just that through its unique approach of excellence installations.

In an interview with the week, Antano Solar John (@antanosolar) explained in detail about their work at A&H, why it is so important in today’s world, and what they want to achieve in the coming years. When discussing the job market, Antano stated: "The purpose of education was never to assist anyone in their career; rather, ‘on-the-job training’ is what enabled the majority of people to add value to their current positions. What the educational system does is foster the kind of thinking needed for on-the-job learning. Therefore, even though formal schooling is insufficient, the issue was not widespread because the majority of businesses had their own training and skill-development initiatives to fill the gap."

Antano believes that only 10% of people are employed in desirable positions, and even though they have the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs, these people prefer the satisfaction they receive from their jobs, mentors, teams, and peers to that which they would experience if they worked for themselves. It is one of the problems, combined with economic constraints and emotional challenges, especially the amplified emotions in the post-covid world, are some of the challenges that A&H are trying to address through their work. Antano & Harini, who founded the trillion-dollar "Excellence Installation" market, are Legacy Accelerators. Their innovative initiatives give both individuals and corporations the power to overcome seemingly hopeless circumstances, spread their distinctive influence among a wide audience, and produce disruptive ideas that have the ability to alter the course of history.

To explain what Excellence Installations are, Antano uses the analogy of a movie showing the origins of a Hero. He equates the moment in the life of the hero where they come across a guide or when something significant happens in their life which propels them on a path of growth with the planned strategy of excellence installations. “It’s a scientific way to remove all the chances or variables out of the way to definitively develop certain capabilities for people that feel natural. As if these are the capabilities that they were born with,” he says. Antano adds that the pandemic and struggling industries didn't stop people from accelerating their success, getting double promotions, growing their families, and starting unique legacies with the help of excellence installation strategies.

According to Antano, people need to make the radical adjustment of realising that, even when hired by a firm, they are really working for themselves. Because there are more opportunities for advancement, expansion, and the creation of one's own "enterprise" the more one dons the entrepreneur's hat and contributes to the company. They will be better prepared to accomplish it even if they desire to start their own firm. “So, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, working with an entrepreneur mindset can give you the fastest growth. So, ambitious individuals must focus on developing superior capabilities, an entrepreneurial mindset, and having the right mentors and life experiences. Having the predictive intelligence to know what they may need five years from now. And beginning to work on it right away, are some of the things that will help people definitively chalk out a growth story for themselves in any field.” he further added.

Antano & Harini are operating with a grand vision of making a tangible impact on the world and helping the people reach their best potential by accelerating their growth journey. They may alter how the world runs by establishing a new industry, ecosystem, and other factors. “At Antano & Harini, we are setting up the technology, the educational system, and an entire ecosystem and awareness that is required around the world for people to have access to excellence like it’s their birthright,” Antano states. In the next five years, they want to make the industry of personal evolution, a space that they have pioneered, as prevalent as medical science. By establishing excellence as a fundamental human right, their mission is to not only change the course of an individual but also to start a revolution that would fundamentally alter the course of the globe.

For more information, please visit: https://www.antanoharini.com

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