Quality of life and it’s impact on well-being


The definition for quality of life differs from person to person. For some, quality of life might be defined as living for huge green pastures around their home, consuming fresh organic food, and living life fulfilled with a state of peace. At the same time, another's perception for quality of life might be defined as living in high-rise apartments, eating fast food, and utilizing the latest technology to ease and smooth daily routines. Both perceptions are equally valid and positively impact well-being; just in different ways. Those who are content with their lifestyles are observed to have a calm and composed nature, while their mind is at a state of total peace. They do not possess the desire to improve their lives further, as they are already satisfied with what has already been achieved.

Being mindful of the era we live in, it can be declared that this ideology is rare and suits just a few. While there are those who have gained success in a short period of time, there also exists a majority who are still struggling to attain complete peace of mind. Inside a world of chaos, struggle, aging, and disease, sometimes we must look at alternative sources to assist in attaining this peace of mind. Fortunately, technology, with innovation in tools, appliances, and machinery, is enhancing lifestyles across the globe, making tasks easier and less stressful for individuals and families.

The most inevitable and unavoidable struggle of day-to-day life is aging. Although cosmetic products can temporarily improve physical appearance, internal limitations continue to incline by the second. These limitations not only impact physical appearance, but also take a large toll on independence and mobility. As we age, the areas of life which were once considered peaceful, soon to become difficulty and tedious. The most vital example is bathing, an area meant for pure relaxation - eventually, as those become older, becomes a hazard area for those with limited mobility. A luxurious and useful gift of technology, designed for this purpose, is the walk-in bathtub. The introduction of walk-in bathtubs in the market has revolutionized the way people bathe, restoring peace, comfort and convenience where it matters most. Not only have walk in tubs increased the quotient of quality of life, but also restored independence to those who cannot stop aging - everyone!

Walk-in bathtubs have added a missing element of safety and convenience to people’s lives across the globe. Those who have their mobility compromised can benefit immensely from this innovation, as it reduces the risk attributed to entering a typical bathtub. The easy access door and low-step entry threshold of a few inches provides a facilitated process of entering the bathtub. Walk In Tubs also establish a sense of self-independence for the specially-abled, diminishing the struggle while bathing alone and the need for additional assistance and assisted living homes. With a walk-in bathtub, one can bathe without external support and become more self- dependent; resulting in an overall increase in quality of live. Another profound aspect of walk-in bathtubs is the the level of therapy included: Microbubbles, Heated Seats, Chromatherapy, Hydro Jets, Air Jets, and other options. These inclusions declare Walk In Bathtubs as a complete evolution to the typical bathtub, and generate desire from all age demographics - even those with full mobility! Solving two problems at once, Walk In Tubs are the perfect companion for those who are aging inevitability and experiencing mobility issues, or those simply looking to improve overall quality of life with therapy features beyond that of a standard bathtub.

Ella’s Bubbles, a contemporary company that specializes in walk-in bathtubs and other bathroom products, have introduced an array of custom designed walk in bathtubs that maximize therapeutical benefits and convenience for the customer. Founded by Laimonis Magone, Ella’s Bubbles has manufactured and distributed acrylic walk-in bathtubs since 2005. This company focuses on product design and functionality for the well-being of their customers, and innovates new walk in tub models each year. With more than twenty-five unique walk in tub styles, customers can choose the walk in tub that is best suited to their needs and desired quality of life. Each Walk In Tub is assembled, tested, and jetted in Chicago Illinois, with live video demonstrations available to interested consumers. Ella’s Bubbles is a leading name in luxurious bathtubs, and recognized as the pioneer for the Ella Shak, World’s Largest walk-in bathtub, and the Ella 2 Person walk in Tub. In comparison to other brands, Ella’s Bubbles walk in tubs are lower priced and customers do not need to purchase an installer package. Buying a walk-in bathtub is a safety and positive life investment that lasts now, into the future, and beyond.

The main value proposition of Ella’s Bubbles is their overall devotion to safety and comfort, while maintaining a luxurious aura. In addition, Ella’s Bubbles is devoting research and investments to squandering the limitations imposed by walk in tubs themselves. Jet openings in the walk in tub make personal hygiene less challenging. Ella’s Bubbles exclusive micro bubble therapy assists in skin rejuvenation, purging pores and eradicating dead skin cells. Bidet jets are available to ease the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. The Ella 5 Piece Fast Fill faucet diminished wait time while the bathtub fills, and their proprietary 4 Port Dual Drain Technology allows the customer to drain faster than any other walk in tub. Through these modern innovations, a walk in tub can remain as it is intended: completely convenient.

Ella’s Bubbles continues to strive and introduce new products each year. Their product line is not only restricted to bathtubs but also includes a variety of accessories and other bathroom necessities as well.

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