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Pelorus Technologies Collaborates with ADF Solutions to Support India’s Digital Investigation Needs


Pelorus Technologies, India’s leading digital forensics, intelligence, and surveillance solution provider, has recently joined hands with ADF Solutions, a mobile and computer Forensics Company, to revamp the digital forensics landscape in India.

ADF Solutions is enthralled by this partnership with India’s industry-leading digital forensic solution. “ADF Solutions is delighted to begin an exclusive partnership with Pelorus, the leading provider of digital forensics in India. Together our companies will continue to support digital investigations with ADF's frontline forensic triage and automated digital forensics tools throughout the Indian market,” commented Bret Peters, CEO of ADF Solutions.

Rahul Dwivedi, the founder and CEO of Pelorus Technologies stressed on the importance of this collaboration in the Indian context. “While India is moving forward to realize its dream of a digital society and economy, it requires advanced and cutting-edge digital forensics solutions to control cybercrimes. This collaboration with ADF Solutions is a strategic move by Pelorus to take India’s digital forensics standards to the next level. We will be bringing some of its world-class solutions to the Indian market.” he said.

Digital technology has brought a sea change in our lives in terms of convenience. However, with the growing rate of digital penetration, the concept of cybercrime is becoming more mainstream. According to India’s National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, 3,17,439 cybercrime events and 5,771 FIRs have been recorded in the country since its establishment up to February 28, 2021. As India is looking forward to speeding up its Digital India project, the number of cases of cybercrime will rise in the upcoming times. Issues like identity theft, phishing, and social engineering have become so rampant today that law enforcement agencies struggle with their preparedness to tackle such incidents.

ADF Solutions is a global digital forensics service provider that functions in multiple verticals including corporate, law enforcement, ICAC task forces, human trafficking task forces, probation parole, and military. ADF products are designed to conduct faster preview, processing, and analysis of smartphones, computers, external drives, drive images, and other storage devices. They focus on streamlining the digital investigation by providing rapid access to digital evidence and intelligence. ADF forensics tools include lightweight and portable software devices like Mobile Device Investigator (MDI), Digital Evidence Investigator (DEI), Triage Investigator (TINV), Triage-G2, Rosoka Add-on, etc.

Pelorus Technologies ’ key strength lies in providing the required support to law enforcement agencies for efficient data recovery and analysis in a forensically sound manner. The company partners with the armed forces, state police, paramilitary forces, and legal firms to help them with the investigation of data or information breaches. They have a wide spectrum of digital forensics products including mobile forensics, computer & disk forensics, image & video forensics, damaged drive forensics, password recovery tools, and WhatsApp & Telegram monitoring tools among many others.

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