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Ravi Gaikwad solid Historical Legacy & Social Work endeavours will keep you hooked! All you need to know about him


Hailing from Maratha Family Lineage with a solid historical background, Ravi Gaikwad is a widely recognised name as an illustrious and a compassionate philanthropist, who has a passion not only dedicated to one realm but many.

Academics, sports, social work, volunteer work and campaigns. You name it and you will find Ravi Gaikwad excelling remarkably in all these spheres of work.

His biggest strength is his cultural competence, patience and empathy, that truly sets him apart from others.

Ravi Gaikwad also served as a massive support amidst the coronavirus outbreak. He worked tirelessly to make sure the oxygen tankers got delivered timely to the hospitals, helping to fulfil the oxygen demand and supply shortage in the second wave of COVID - 19 and saved an overwhelming amount of lives, who needed intensive care and medical oxygen .

Even In the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, he was relentlessly involved with his social work and for that he also got appreciation in the form of an Award from the Government of Maharashtra -titled "COVID Fighters Award" and also "India Corona Warriors Award by Wockhardt Foundation for his selfless service towards society amid the pandemic situation and for an exemplary display of grit and dedicated.

Ravi Gaikwad is associated with a clan of extended family and family members filled with legacy of power and status. He is a nephew of present Deputy Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly to Mr Vijay Auti and also the leader of Independence Movement Shree Bhaskarrao Auti is part of his extended family.

Talking about his parents and siblings. Both Kisanrao Gaikwad and Pushpa Gaikwad, his father and mother are a successful working professional. Kisanrao Gaikwad is a retired Senior Bureaucrat in the Maharashtra of government and Pushpa Gaikwad is director of a financial institution. Whereas, his younger sister - Dr Pratibha is a practising surgeon in the UK and his younger brother Pradeep Gaikwad is a successful Engineer.

Dr Nirmala is a practising doctor and a wife to Ravi Gaikwad with kids named Rishi and Ananya. Archana is Ravi Gaikwad’s sister-in-law working with the government.

Chairman of Shant Bharat Surakshit Bharat, Ravi Gaikwad is not only a devoted social worker, but also a highly educated personality, having completed his Civil Engineering ( BE Civil ) from Government College of Engineering, Karad .

He was a very versatile and active student since school days and was also an NCC Cadet, along with member of the General Secretary of Science & Technology Club.

Not only that, but also his brilliance was quite evident during his Engineering days too, as he scored 100/100 in two subjects in his last year of Engineering. It Calls for a big achievement! Isn't it?

His was also part of the Editorial Board of the Journal “The Parliamentarian." And a completely new draft related to Indian Constitution is written by Ravi Gaikwad. Who is continuously bringing a positive impact & change to the society at large via his multifaceted nature of philanthropic work?

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