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Ourea: A one stop solution for all business and corporate needs


In today’s world start ups are everywhere, but the success rate is a question. Millions of people dare to dream but the idea was taken a bit more seriously by Ms. Anooja Bashir who turned her entire upbringing and inbuilt misogynism around. She stood out in the crowd from her small town and conservative background and made herself the entrepreneur of the year 2020-21.

She created Ourea , a 360-degree business management consultancy which is a one stop solution for each and every business and corporate needs. They provide from Marketing, Branding, IT to Training and HR solutions; they have it all. Creating a business with parallel ventures is difficult but creating it with utmost degradation, deceit and pull down from a patriarchal society is a tad more difficult, but she never lost hope and rose like a Phoenix.

The idea of creating an independent firm and to be her own boss started from her work experience of more than 10 years in the corporate world and a few years in academia. There while getting out of the zone of a conventional professor in an engineering college she realized the drawbacks of the education system and thought of providing more by creating a finishing school with a program called LIKES – Learning Innovative Key Employability Skills which was modelled with the reference of Pachatatva theory of life. It was to provide the amateurs the five essential skills to enhance the odds of employability. But, due to many reasons like a failed team and financial and emotional turbulence the implementation of the business failed. Losing hope didn’t seem like an option to Ms. Anooja so she created a profound revenue generating business with the idea of a 360-degree business management consultancy so as to invite revenue from all or at least one of the ventures, hence the chances of failure was relatively less. But the team was yet to be connected. Mr. Vinod Chacko, Founder, FlexiCloud and Mr. Naman Modi, Founder, Digitaliz perfected the trio with the desired IT support and strong emotional backup which held Ourea up.

Like most women entrepreneurs experience in a society laced with patriarchal norms, the opposition from her family on concerns of a career such as this with instability as opposed to her previous professions, the financial infirmity that came with the shift of métier were all disheartening. Still, the will “to be her own boss” kept Anooja’s vigour smouldering. "A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until she is in hot water". These quotes of Eleonor Roosevelt find their crowning, out-and-out in the case of Anooja. She believes that the society in which women cannot apprehend their full flair loses out on the notable potential for modernisation, economic expansion, and modelling of jobs.

With the motto of helping companies gain a foothold in the industry, Ourea marches with the entrepreneurial aspirants helping them in realising their dreams. The influence, experience and inspiration which Ourea holds thus helped over 60+ brands, both from scratch and revolutionising the already existing establishments by giving them a facelift. The beauty of this endeavour lies in its majority of implementation being in the time of pandemic. Ourea with its notable vision and unflinching support to its mentees, designed and moulded educators, strategists, program managers and technocrats. The various verticals of Ourea namely Sargaa (the HR Outsourcing), Prayagaa (the Training Hub), Raaga (Marketing and Branding Venture), Drishyaa (the IT Core), Mantraa (Event Management), Kalisthaa (the Interior Pennon) and Nirvana (Social Entrepreneurship Undertaking) performs and accomplishes the aforementioned duties to point-blank perfection and crystal clarity. From research and planning to preposition to strategy, Ourea does all the chief stages of branding individuals and organisations.

Thus, helping and watering many organisations both big and small to stand and perform better. The line-up of illustrious and gratified clientele includes brands from Foods, Construction, Interior Verticals, Medical makes, Health and Lifestyle and touching the Corporate portfolio as well. Mentoring individuals to pursue their dream career in the case of Anamz (the paradise in every bite) to supplementing restaurant colossus such as Alakapuri, construction endeavours such as Scafftrade, Elakayre, Sanjeevini and Moi Dentz in medical and health to Evion in the corporate, the saga of Ourea continues.

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