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'We have reported more than 50 fake profile accounts, and pages': Autoforsure's Sarthak Sharma


Amid COVID-19, many people are left unemployed and still laying off from their jobs. Due to which, we have seen an enormous level of tension in which cyber gangsters are duping innocent people; promising them employment, asking for a small payment fee.

Sarthak Sharma, at the age of 20, prepared to change the correct way of a halt and go system of Auto Rickshaw in India. Sarthak Sharma's AutoForSure aims to change the transport and travel industry. AutoForSure as of now is onboarding drivers on to their platform and works on a no commission-based model. Due to the ongoing recruitment, he has seen a considerable impersonation of his name on social media platforms. Cyber-gangsters are promising employment on AutoForSure, asking for a registration fee in exchange of hundred per cent confirmed recruitment.

We had the fortune to get to know Sarthak Sharma, founder of AutoForSure. Sarthak Sharma says, "Ever since has started to recruit their driver-partners onboard, we have seen a large number of fake profiles roaming around social media platforms under my name. Their modus operandi of scammers is to create profile accounts with an exact copy of my original account presentation. Afterwards, they use them to run ads and send messages to gullible people looking for jobs, promising them an offer letter from AutoForSure, for a registration fee in exchange. We at AutoForSure have an excellent working environment for our driver-partners, and we do not charge any registration fee while recruiting drivers for our platform. For a safe ecosystem for AutoForSure's users, we rigorously have a background check for our driver-partners, and after the verification, they are allowed to drive for AutoForSure. We do not charge any registration or process fee while recruiting the driver-partners. The only mode to apply is AutoForSure online portal and on official email. We never hire or recruit anyone of any social media platform. We are actively reporting the duplicate accounts to the respective team get them removed as soon as possible. We have reported more than 50 fake profile accounts and pages."

Sarthak Sharma initiative AutoForSure aims to transform the transport and travel industry digitally. Apart from regulating safety for users amongst the platform, AutoForSure also aims to generate employment for drivers.

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