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Nicolas Cross Guide to Playing at a New Casino in 2021


When you are playing at any new casino during 2021, including both offline and online there is plenty that you would want to think about. There are going to be so many different games which can captivate you, especially if you have been dreaming about winning big or just having a good night. We have talked to Nicolas Cross, a reputable casino expert and editor in chief at Casino-Bonus.com . Here are some of the top tips from Nicolas that you should use when it comes to playing if you are a beginner or have more experience.

Slot Machine Playing Tips

According to Nicolas, one of the most popular and simplest type of casino game that you can enjoy at a new casino in 2021 is the slot machines since they require you to push a button, see if you lose or win and then repeat over and over. Over 70% of the profits from any casino comes from these types of games since they are highly popular. These games are based on pure luck and they can’t be predicted.

There are a few strategies that you might want to use when you play the slots, including:

·   Playing for the fixed payments – If you are playing for one of the fixed payment styles, then you have a better chance in terms of winning than the progressive jackpots. This is the best way to go since there are going to be numerous people hoping to win the large jackpot, the return to player is lower on a jackpot so your chances of winning with the progressive slot machines is low. However, if you are willing to take the risk you can be rewarded big since winning on one of those jackpots could be a life chancing experience.

·   Be careful when choosing video slots – Another thing to consider is avoiding the video slots that have a low return to players. Since they end up paying a lot less than the conventional ones. This can be around 5% in terms of refunds and this might not seem like a lot, but when it comes to slots it is a significant amount.

·   Lower jackpot games – Also, if you are hoping to win, then you should try the games with lower jackpots since they are much simpler to win. This means that you might be able to win a few games and leave the casino with more than you spent. Some jackpots are so called daily jackpots that someone must win every day.

Nicolas Cross says that if you are using these tips when it comes to playing your slot games you can significantly improve your chances of winning.

For more information and a list of available new online casinos in 2021, Nicolas recommend that you check out his complete guide on https://casino-bonus.com/new-casino-sites/ . There you can learn even more details and get started with a big welcome bonus with free spins.

Tips for Table Games

When you are the casino you need to know and keep in mind that you are probably going to lose some of the games that you are playing. This doesn’t take into consideration how skilled or capable you are since the chances of winning are controlled by the casino. You should first determine how much you would be able to spend in the casino and then take just that amount with you and nothing else.

Once you have lost all of the money that you brought with you, then you should leave so you aren’t risking yourself financially. You would also need to know a few other strategies that would help you in the table game area, such as:

·   Keep watch of the time – You should make sure that you are watching the time since the majority of the locations don’t have windows or clocks. Ensure that you are keeping an eye on what the time is and you need to keep track. Nobody will be able to tell you what time it is, so ensure you have a watch or your mobile phone handy.

·   Keep your eyes on the prize – You are going to want to ensure that you are strictly paying attention to the prize. This means don’t worry about what is going on around you and what people are wearing. The more you are distracted, then the less likely you are going to be to win, so make sure to pay attention.

·   Don’t consume alcohol and don´t play lonely – Another thing to consider is not to drink alcohol while you are gambling since it can affect your judgement. Make sure that you are focused on winning and not the free alcohol since it can cause you to risk more than you can afford.

·   Bet using small odds – While you are playing blackjack or roulette you need to make sure that you are betting on the smaller odds. This might include dozens, columns, high, low, even, odd, red or black to ensure that you are winning. It might not be a lot at once, but when you win the entire game you are going to make more overall.

Make sure that these tips and strategies are being used when you are gambling no matter what type of casino you are in.

More about Nicolas Cross

Nicholas Cross is an industry expert and editor in chief at Casino-Bonus.com. With many years of experience in areas of casino and betting Nicholas is well-known author. Through articles about anything from casino reviews, gambling stocks, payments methods, he is helping the gambling community to become better players and making more informed decisions. Nicholas has won "Casino Expert of the Year" for two consecutive years and is nominated for the 2021 award. One of his greatest skills is to find the best casino bonus offers and easily display and rank them according to different quality measures.

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