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Teeth’s straightening comes with a lot of myths and fears, especially for young adults, working professionals and teenage students, who don’t want to look awkward in their growing years or at their work place. COSMODENT INDIA has a solution for all your issues arising out of aligning crooked, misshaped, bent teeth – Invisible Braces or Clear Braces. The revolutionary tooth straightening treatment will help your kids be comfortable during this transition, in a less painful and more flexible way. The man behind popularizing this technology through his organization is none other than Dr. Aman Ahuja, one of the most charismatic and qualified dental surgeons in the country. COSMODENT INDIA is Dr. Ahuja’s multispecialty premiere dental clinic where an outstanding array of dental care specialists offers high-quality services, including invisible braces, to patients.

Popularising Invisalign Technique

Talking about this technique, Dr. Aman Ahuja says, “We have always been keen on increasing understanding and awareness of various technical aspects of dentistry. Invisalign is the world’s most advanced aligner system, which is light years ahead of the bulky metal/ceramic braces.” While traditional braces can put your life on hold in more ways than one, Invisible braces’ innovative design helps you straighten your teeth gradually while ensuring that there is the least disturbance in your daily routine.

Thanks to the efforts of our team of orthodontists headed by Dr. Hussain Wardhawala, invisible braces like the Invisalign aligners are fast becoming the preferred replacement for traditional braces, helping everyone; from a child to an old person tackle this appearance altering procedure in an impactful way, hygienically. Invisible aligners don’t just build a patient’s confidence but also create a 180-degree turn in a patient’s life. As Dr. Aman Ahuja puts it, “Invisalign straightens your teeth more predictably and comfortably, we deliver Invisalign to our patients in an utmost safe and comfortable process.”

Leading Dental Tourism Sector

The organization is doing a yeoman’s service in dental tourism, which is a relatively new concept in the country. Despite being on a less-trodden path, COSMODENT INDIA has become a leader in this field. The organization boasts of treating patients, the majority of whom come here from the Middle East & Arab, Canada, Australia, USA etc. Talking about this aspect of the business, Dr. Ahuja says, “When it comes to dental tourism, we are the top players in our field. The majority of our patients who come from abroad want to get their treatment done at prices that up to 70% lesser than the medical cost in their home country. We strive hard to provide them with a wholesome experience that includes gold-standard products, best quality treatment, and a cultural interface that India is known for the world over.”

When you go for invisible braces, the doctor begins by scanning the present condition of your teeth, after which he or she will use the proprietory ClinCheck software to map out the path to the final shape of your teeth, right down to your smile. You can see your smile even before the process is set in motion. The customized treatment plan, created using the digital impression of your teeth, is used to create customized aligners for you while estimating the likely length of time you will need to keep the aligners.

Once your customized aligners are ready, the doctor will hand over the same to you with the necessary information like the frequency of changing the aligners and the duration for which the same are to be worn every day. That’s it! Once you’ve had your invisible aligners installed, you don’t need to make regular visits to the doctor. You can fly back to your home country even and just relax while changing your aligners as per the schedule the doctor has handed over to you. So convenient, no?

The most important aspect of the Invisalign aligner treatment, however, is at the end of it. The retainers help you to stabilize your bite till your bone and other tissue around your reorganized teeth get into the new shape.

Talking of the advantages of the Invisalign teeth alignment process, Dr. Aman Ahuja says, “First and foremost, you don’t need to put your life on hold, which may be the most intimidating aspect of a patient’s life, whether that patient is a teenager or someone about to get married or a working professional who wants to avoid wearing visible braces at work. You can keep eating all your favorite foods, stay active in sports, do all the activities that you usually love to indulge in.” The number of visits to the doctor is considerably reduced because of no hassle of brackets and wires breaking. The success of COSMODENT’s invisible aligner treatment can be gauged from the fact that they have treated countless models, TV personalities, corporate honchos, socially active celebrities. For anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on chewing, drinking, or doesn’t want to look ugly with the traditional braces, invisible aligners are the way to go.

COSMODENT INDIA offers all types of economic packages regarding installing Invisible Aligners, suitable to patients of different economic strata. Though Invisalign is on the higher side of the cost spectrum, COSMODENT INDIA has many other economical options available for all ranges of patients.

But most important of all, Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible, therefore, no one is going to notice them except you! Offering pocket-friendly treatments and a holistic experience to its patients at a fraction of the price, it is no wonder that COSMODENT INDIA is fast emerging as a leading light for patients who need their smile back.

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