Overseas travel per your birth chart: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi


Though COVID-19 may have stopped us in our tracks as far as foreign travel is concerned, however, the human spirit knows no boundaries when it comes to dreams of settling abroad. In fact, it is everyone’s dream to, at least, travel to a foreign country once in their lifetime. However, there are a number of young men and women, whose dream  is to travel abroad, either for education or for work, or for both, i.e., settling down. But do all these dreams come true? Or do people just compromise with their circumstances and give up? It is this uncertainty regarding foreign settlement that forces people to ask questions like can I go abroad according to Kundli or is there foreign settlement yoga in my charts or will I settle abroad according to my date of birth?. Well, this dream does come true for a select few, and for those who are left waiting in the wings, top best astrologer of India, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, tells you how Vedic Astrology could be your significant partner in realising your foreign dreams. 

Q: Can an astrologer predict overseas travel according to date of birth?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi – Yes quite possible! No doubt, many youngsters hold it as their coveted dream to settle abroad. Astrology, which is the study of birth-chart/horoscope, can definitely predict whether you were going to study, work or settle abroad or not. An astrologer can give foreign settlement predictions by date of birth. Travelling abroad for work or resettlement used to be a rare occurrence, a few decades back but today it is not the bastion of only the rich and the famous. From being considered a Dosha (malefic combination) in the horoscope, travelling abroad is today a natural dream for many Indians. Times are changing and travelling abroad has become comparatively safer and faster, which is why more and more people are keen to enjoy life abroad. An astrologer is equipped, through his experience, to suggest remedial measures as to strengthen an individual’s planetary combinations, regarding travel overseas and settle there.

Q – How is travelling abroad for studies different from settling abroad?

DVB – Your horoscope involves different combinations of planets & houses at different points of time. Some of these combinations reveal whether your horoscope possesses the Yoga to travel to a foreign country, either for studies or for work or for settling down. At the same time, there are combinations that suggest whether or not you will never be going abroad. What we know by way of experience is that it takes different routes to predict your prospects regarding studying or working in a overseas land. Unfortunately, individuals end up confusing one with the other. I have to admit that there is a shade of difference between the Yogas for travelling abroad to study and the Yogas for travelling abroad to settle. You can distinguish these issues despite very subtle difference in between, if you consult an astrologer who is experienced in every postulate of astrology.

Q – Can astrology predict whether you will go abroad according to date of birth?

DVB: Your Date, Time, and Place of Birth are all a part of your horoscope and it will take a really experienced astrologer to tell give you all the right answers regarding your prospects of going abroad. All your queries regarding travelling abroad will be replied by your astrologer only after he is able to study your date of birth as well as your horoscope. As it is, travelling abroad is a very wide term to handle. People travel abroad for a holiday, official business, studies, etc, and though very similar-looking planetary combinations influence each one of these aspects, it will take a highly experienced astrologer to distinguish between the same. If an astrologer is not experienced enough, he may very well end up misguiding his clients and, in turn, do more harm than good. But if you can catch hold of an experienced and professional astrologer, you may actually end up realising your dream.

Q: How can an astrologer predict about the timing of foreign/overseas travel?

DVB: You won’t believe the amount of precision that Vedic Astrology possesses when it comes to making predictions about the timing of foreign travel for a native. In fact, it is the main job of a professional astrologer to tell his client about the probable time of his migration because that will help a client plan his life better. It starts with an astrologer evaluating the strength of your “Going abroad Yoga” and after that the time it will take to eventually realise the same. An astrologer assesses your Dasha (period) and the Gochar (Transit) before making a prediction about the timing of foreign travel. Quite peculiarly, it has been noticed that despite having a Going abroad Yoga in his horoscope, an individual hasn’t been able to achieve that because the same Yoga was not going to fructify in his or her lifetime. But whichever way you choose to look at it, a detailed study of your horoscope is pertinent.

Q: Can I go abroad according to Kundli? Which planet give foreign travel?

DVB: I’ve encountered a lot of people who ask me which planet is responsible for foreign settlement or can I go abroad according to Kundli (horoscope) or not. Many of my followers and students keep asking me these or similar to these queries. Even though it is quite possible to predict whether you are going abroad according to your Kundli, there is no one planet that is responsible for foreign settlement. In fact, it is a combination of planets, with specific affiliations, which shows whether you are travelling abroad or not. If someone would ask me to pinpoint a planet, I would say, it is Rahu. Rahu is the prime planet influencing your overseas tours. Rahu is foreign and alien by nature, thus, significant in your travel abroad. To go into detail, Rahu, in connection with the 9th or 12th houses can help you realise your dream of foreign settlement. Ketu is another planet that can make it possible for you to go abroad. However, going beyond such generic statements, I would like to say that an astrologer has to do a proper analysis of your kundli before telling you about whether you can go abroad or not.

Q: How to see foreign settlement yoga in a birth charts?

DVB: It all starts with an able and honest astrologer, with enough experience in his kitty regarding dealing with foreign yoga in horoscope/kundli. It also goes without saying that foreign settlement yoga(s) in your Kundli need to be studied in detail and with great precision, so that you do not receive any limited advice.

 Today, I am able to share some pointers to you, which I have gathered after years of research in this direction -

a)      You might have a chance for overseas travel if Rahu is placed in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and first houses of your horoscope.

b)      Your chance to travel abroad increases if your 9th house connects with the 11th house.

c)      Your foreign settlement yoga is as strong as the width of the angle of the arc formed between your Sun & Mercury.

d)      Your chances of settling abroad improve considerably if Ketu influences your horoscope’s second, fourth and seventh houses.

Q: How to strengthen  Yoga for travelling/settling abroad?

DVB: It is the trickiest thing to predict or suggest a remedial measure for travelling/settling abroad. The seventh, ninth and eleventh houses in your horoscope influence your chances of foreign travel. It is the job of your astrologer to help you navigate the complexities of astrological analysis because there is no way you won’t feel intimidated when you hear that these are the houses that obstruct your Char (Moveable sign), Stir(Fixed sign), and Dwiswbhav (Dual sign) Rashis, respectively. Only an experienced astrologer will be equipped to handle the foreign travel houses but if you get stuck with an inexperienced one, he or she may indirectly end up strengthening these Bhadhaka (obstructionist) houses. However, despite doing everything right, there is still a chance that strengthening these Bhadaka houses may prove counter-productive in the following ways -

a)      Complete loss of possibility of foreign travel.

b)      Your travelling abroad may end up in a loss.

c)      You may be forced to return before starting of the profitable period.

d)      You may actually get disillusioned with travelling/settling abroad and may want to come back home in desperation.

e)      You may get caught up in a legal issue, thus, resulting in your return.

Q: Can an astrologer answer queries regarding the timings of settling in a foreign country?

DVB: From questions like will I go abroad according to my date of birth to when will I settle abroad by date of birth, an astrologer handles such things day in and day out. Then there are clients who go a step further and demand to know how or when I will be able to settle abroad. All these questions have their answers in the domain of astrology. In fact, with a reliable and deeper analysis of your birth-chart/horoscope/Kundli, an able astrologer will provide you correct and satisfactory answers to all your queries and doubts about settling abroad. According to my personal experience, there is no dearth of such candidates who want an honest assessment of the birth-chart/Kundli, so that they can plan their foreign travel properly. And I’ve seen people actually realising their foreign dreams after consulting a good astrologer.

Q: Does astrology help in getting predictions about studying abroad?

DVB: As I’ve said earlier, Astrology has all the right tools to provide you with answers to your queries regarding different aspects of your foreign travel and that also includes studying abroad.  With an in-depth analysis of the Yoga to study abroad, an astrologer is able to predict your options to study abroad. Let me relate an example, A mother of a girl, in Class 12th, once approached me and asked me to study the girl’s Kundli. I did the due diligence and told the mother that her daughter had the travelling abroad Yoga, along with the higher education at distance place yoga and the fructification of both was in progress. The woman was taken aback because they hadn’t even talked about it. Eventually, the girl went ahead, took a test and won scholarship to study in the US. So, consulting an astrologer is helpful whether or not you are dreaming of studying abroad.

Q: How to find chances of going abroad and starting a business in a foreign country?

DVB: Astrology has the wherewithal to suggest ways for you to settle overseas and do business as well. But only an experienced astrologer can help you find out more about your prospects of doing business in a foreign country by interpolating the business yoga with your foreign land yoga. There are specific houses and planetary combinations, which influence your business yoga, whether at home or abroad. If you are able to receive an honest, detailed analysis of your birth-chart/Kundli, you will be aware of whether or not you can start a business in a foreign country. In fact, with a favourable horoscope, you may even have a successful stint as a businessman in a foreign country.

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