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Trading Simulators and Games for Bitcoin Traders

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Bitcoin trading is a popular trend nowadays. The number of traders is constantly growing with more people looking to join the ranks. Bitcoin as a currency is a trend that’s well known to the gaming industry. This is also the industry known for implementing various trends.

Mobile gaming became a large part of the industry and gamers still look for these kinds of games. That’s why something as popular as Bitcoin is available in the industry. Usually, it takes the shape of a payment method. However, since 2017 there has been a crypto gaming market.

Thanks to this, those who are expert traders and those that are just getting started can enjoy a few titles. In fact, novice traders can learn the basics thanks to some apps. On the other hand, the experts can take some time off from trading with these games.

Instructive Trading Simulators

These are simulation games that let people learn the basics of Bitcoin trading. They give players a feel of the market and the competition. Here are some games like this:

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is an app you can download on your smartphone. It lets you trade with fictional Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, the prices of assets aren’t fictional as they are the real prices of assets. The other players in the game serve as your competition.

The interesting thing about this game is that it offers various competitions. The rewards for the skilled traders are actual Bitcoin or any of the other supported cryptocurrencies. In other words, you get a proper reward for your skills.

Bitcoin Flip

This is another trading simulator that can help you learn the basics or brush up your skills if you’re a pro. The game gives you fictional $10,000 to start with. As you trade you will increase or decrease your profits. Bitcoin Flip gives you a playground where you can make mistakes and better learn how to trade Bitcoin. Learning how to analyze the market and make important decisions is crucial to becoming a trader.

Traders also like to have an advantage over others. This can come in the form of a trading bot. There are several platforms that offer this service and one of them is the Bitcoin Circuit . With an account and a minimum deposit, you’ll be half-way to being a successful trader. After you go over the tutorials you can set the bot to do the trading for you.

Fun Bitcoin Games

If you’re looking to relax after a day of hard work, then there are several Bitcoin titles that can let you take some time off. Here are some suggestions in that regard:


If you’re into trading card games then Splinterlands is the title for you. It gives you 7 factions you can play with. Naturally, having a bit of each will make your deck diverse and stronger. That’s exactly what you need to beat your opponents. You can also make in-app purchases via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Getting that extra card can come in handy when playing against others.

Merge Cats

This is a game that focuses on several cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included, when it comes to making in-app purchases. Additionally, Merge Cats lets you earn Bitcoin by doing daily challenges. The goal of the game is pretty simple, just find the matching cats and match them. It’s as simple as that.


This is a game similar to Merge Cats. It also gives out a CandyCrush vibe. That’s because the balloons feature popular cryptocurrencies that you need to match. The title also lets you earn cryptocurrencies by completing daily challenges.


You’ll take on several roles in this game. CropBytes is a title that lets you work as a farmer. Naturally, each farmer has crops and as one, you’ll need to take care of them. Once they give you products you’ll be able to take them and sell them to other traders online.

In other words, you’ll grow crops, you’ll take care of them, you’ll sow them and sell them online. The twist is in the selling part because you’ll be paid with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by completing certain challenges. So, you’ll be able to earn some money while having fun.


As mentioned above, the gaming industry isn’t one that rests on its laurels. The truth is that  the industry has morphed  throughout the years and the implementation of Bitcoin is just the next phase. The cryptocurrency and its games will reach a greater level of popularity and crypto gamers will become a lot more common than they are now. In that way, the Bitcoin traders will also have more apps to choose from to refresh their skills or just blow off some steam.

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