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The dynamics in World are changing at a mind-boggling speed, and so is human life. Whether it is career, marriage, or education, everything has gained enormous importance in the larger scheme. Young men and women are putting their trust into astrology like never before because it is giving them results in the form of future predictions. Astrology's pervasiveness can be gauged from the fact that today you have mobile apps and websites that dish out astrology predictions like instant noodles. However, nothing can match the wisdom and experience of consulting the best astrologer in your city in a face-to-face consultation. The experience of top astrologers in India, like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, who is a famous astrologer and Karma corrector, is invaluable in using Vedic Astrology to course-correct human life. In a conversation with Dr. Bajrangi, he tells us how to zero in on a good astrologer in India and also how to find out who can give the best predictions in astrology.


Q - Who is the Top best astrologer in India?

DVB – That is a blunt question, which requires a deliberated reply, especially when you ask it from a person who is an astrologer himself. It won't be correct for me to say who the top best astrologer in India is, or for that matter, the best astrologer in Delhi, Mumbai or the USA, or any other particular region or country. Astrology is a science, and the best astrologer is the one who would meet all the essential rules of astrology. Personally, I prefer not to answer the question about who is the top best astrologer in India because, frankly speaking, a sizeable number of astrologers are currently active on the scene. But many are practicing astrology without sufficient prior experience, which makes their predictions dubious. Having said that, a Good Astrologer will be good & the best astrologer will be the best, irrespective of their geographical boundaries. One should know how to find a good astrologer using some fundamental rules, which I will explain hereafter. 

Q - How to find a good astrologer in India?

DVB – The answer to this lies in our ancient learnings. Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu, while explaining the qualities of a good astrologer to Maharishi Narada, had said that a person who has done thorough inspection of at least 50,000 horoscopes in his lifetime could be classified as a good astrologer. Such an astrologer possesses the ability to read the future and help resolve his client's miseries through quality predictions. According to my experience, it would take at least a decade and a half to study that many horoscopes, at the rate of 10 different horoscopes readings daily.

Therefore, if you are seeking to find a good astrologer, you should focus on a person who has shown consistent dedication and possesses a vast range of experience in this field. Since astrology as a science uses mathematical calculations too, a person with some basic education in this subject is a desirable skill. Also, if an astrologer is very good in his job, you will get to hear it from his clients because word-of-mouth publicity is the best indicator of the top best astrologer. You can find that out through a robust social media about the astrologer's presence or meeting some of his clients in your circle. 

Having said that, keep in mind that the outcome of your meeting with a good astrologer will depend upon your own karma also. Sometimes, even the best astrologer's attempts might fail in the face of your stars.

Q - How to judge a good astrologer? 

DVB - Indian Vedic Astrology is a diverse field of study with multiple branches, with Bhrigu, Ravana, Parashara, K.P., Jaimini, Krishnamoorthy the South Indian Nadis being the prominent ones. Such diversity of thoughts and procedures makes it easier for a good astrologer to manoeuvre his studies and provide a flexible prediction that would lead his client towards an optimum outcome. This is one thing we must understand even before I begin to enumerate the qualities or skills of a good astrologer. Beyond this, a good astrologer is expected to have extensive knowledge of all or some of these branches. The fact that each of these branches is complete in itself makes it easy for a competent astrologer to learn about each one at his own pace.

In my opinion, a good astrologer must attain a solid knowledge of most of these astrological techniques. While preparing a birth chart/horoscope or reading it, the astrologer needs to be well-equipped in analysing and understanding three unique elements of a client's life – Desh (country or place of birth), Kaal (time of birth), and Patra (individual characteristics). This is a significant aspect of astrological predictions because the readings of a person born in Delhi won't be the same for a person born in England, even if they have the same name, age, and gender. Apart from that, patience, intuition, a cautious approach, and a continuous thirst for learning is what sets a good astrologer apart from the rest of his colleagues.

Q Who can give best marriage predictions/How to find a good marriage astrologer? 


DVB – You need to deliberate hard and long before zeroing in on an astrologer for best marriage predictions. A good marriage astrologer should be someone who is able to resolve the marriage-related problems for the client, especially those problems, which are hard to resolve. One thing I often repeat is that a good marriage astrologer must also be a good marriage counsellor. Marriage and counselling go hand-in-hand, especially in a diverse society like ours, where divorce rates are higher than ever. If an astrologer is competent, both in doling out advice and counseling, the customer would see him as a complete package and be attracted to his services. The essentials of a good marriage astrologer, who can give you the best marriage predictions, is to ensure that he can suggest ways to make the marriage work despite every issue it might be facing. If you ask me, a good Vedic marriage astrologer should be able to prevent his clients' divorce. The long-term benefit of consulting the top best astrologer would be in the form of his being a counsellor-cum-astrologer, especially if it is marriage advice you are looking for.


Q – How to find a good career astrologer/business astrologer?

DVB – As I've already said, an astrologer's expertise is proved by the number of branches in Vedic Astrology that he is proficient in. Armed with a wide variety of knowledge, a good astrologer for career and business predictions would be able to tell you different predictions concerning your career and business. A good career/business astrologer can do so by analysing the career and business houses in your horoscope. However, that is not all. Such a competent career/business astrologer will also efficiently read the different charts associated with career building and business success. Possessing the knowledge of as many branches of Vedic Astrology helps an astrologer to come to multiple possible outcomes vis-a-vis predictions, be it about diversifying in your career or business. It all has a science behind it. If you want to find a good career/business astrologer, see if they can analyze all the charts of his clients, point out critical details, and look at the supporting charts to provide a holistic solution or prediction to the client's problem. If a good astrologer possesses a keen eye, he/she will be able to consult the client's finer charts and supply with an effective answer to all his questions, more specifically concerning his career or business prospects.

Q Should we trust online astrologer?

DVB – I agree that the whole World is going online lately. And the current lockdown period has aggravated the situation vis-a-vis astrology consultations. However, your personal requirement defines how effective is an online astrologer. But in my opinion, online astrology consultation is fraught with limitations of time and space. Whatever your need be, if you have a simple question, you can go for an online astrological session. However, be ready for simple, one-line answers to your queries. But if you want an in-depth consultation in terms of your health, education, work, business or marriage, you need a detailed, face-to-face counselling session with the best astrologer. Let me also clarify here that we provide our clients with short, mechanized reports to their queries, but those are different from the online counselling sessions. I want to make it clear to the readers that such reports aren't always accurate because they are generated without considering all the aspects of a client's chart or horoscope. All said and done; if your astrologer lives in another city or state, and considering the current situation with COVID-19, an astrology session would be your only way out. In such a situation, you can talk to your astrologer and request him or her for a detailed online session.

Q – Can we believe in Free predictions?

DVB – Just like there are no free lunches in the World, there are no reliable free predictions too. To be frank, free astrology predictions are good for entertaining yourself but those are not dependable if you are looking to plan your future. The fact to be kept in mind is that free astrology predictions result from certain pre-designed combinations. As a result, you won't get a clear or wholesome picture with such free predictions. To be honest, I wouldn't advise anybody to put in a lot of time or effort in such off-the-shelf predictions, especially because a competent astrologer wouldn't either. If a good astrologer spends a good number of his years to study different branches of Vedic Astrology and then hours to study in detail his client's birth-chart or horoscope, he deserves to charge a reasonable fee for face-to-face counselling sessions. 

On a lighter note, you can opt for free predictions for entertainment, but with the belief that these would be nothing more than Chinese fortune cookies. Read them, discuss them with your friends and family, and then leave them right there. Don't plan the major decisions of your lives based on them.


Q – How to get the correct birth time/How to verify if birth time is correct?

DVB – Vedic Astrology has a solution for that, rest assured. In case a person is not aware of the exact birth details, birth-time rectification is the easy way out. In this method, a competent astrologer would find out your exact birth details, through a tedious process. But you should be sure that you consult an experienced astrologer to do that for you. The Birth time rectification is a very delicate process that can be achieved only after minute precision, simply because your fate depends upon your birth time. Even a minor error in calculating the same could make the difference between success or failure in your life. Let me give you an example. Twins are born just minutes, and in some cases, a few seconds apart. However, still, they show distinct personalities and behaviours because their birth time, accurate to the last nanosecond, takes them on different life trajectories. Therefore, Birth Time Rectification is the technique which a renowned and experienced astrologer like me would use to calculate the exact birth details of a client and prepare his birth-chart for future predictions.

Q – What should we follow sun sign or moon sign?

DVB – Without going into the debate of which is better and which is not, I will say that experienced Vedic astrologers use the Moon sign to predict daily horoscope because it allows for a more accurate study of charts and planets. The reason behind that is that moon stays in one sign for only 2.5 days while Sun stays in a sign for almost a month. Thus, the Moon sign provides better accuracy with lesser numbers of people being in its orbit at a given time. I would recommend clients follow Moon sign and Moon sign horoscopes, even if all you want are daily predictions. 

These were the excerpts of conversation The Week had with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a leading astrologer in India. You can visit his website or contact his office on +91 9278555588/9278665588 for all type of Vedic Astrology services.


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