Bitcoin and the Crypto Gaming Market


There are many cryptocurrencies online but not all of them are as popular as Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is getting more and more traders from all over the world. You can grasp the basics and jump right into the market.

The gaming industry is also growing in popularity. In fact, it has already recognized Bitcoin as a popular trend and has incorporated it. Cryptocurrencies are used in the gaming industry and back in 2017 they got their own gaming market.

The first-ever crypto game was CryptoKitties. Nowadays, there are several games people can enjoy. Some of them focus solely on Bitcoin while others focus on several cryptocurrencies. Through these titles, Bitcoin is becoming more popular as it’s adopted by the masses.

Naturally, developers make various games in multiple genres. This is true for the crypto gaming market as well. In that regard, here are some titles you’ll come across:

Bitcoin Flip

Simulators have been a part of the gaming industry for some time. Racing games are some of the most popular simulator games. These games put you in the position of a race car driver and let you feel all the thrills of racing without experiencing the negative sides.

Naturally, there are several different simulator games available out there. There’s no shortage of them in the crypto gaming market. One such title is the Bitcoin Flip title. If you’re looking to get into Bitcoin trading then this is the perfect game for you.

That’s because this is a Bitcoin trading simulator game. You’ll be able to experience the trading market without experiencing the real losses. Moreover, this game uses real prices and helps you out by utilizing various tools such as charts to help you make your moves better. In other words, it will help you how to better understand trading with Bitcoin.

You can get this app if you’re an Apple user. Once you get enough practice, you can try your luck out with an exchange. To have an advantage, you can also go for a trading bot. One platform that offers this is Bitcoin Super Split. After you make an account and deposit the minimum account you can have a bit of practice. Once you understand how it works, you can go for a live session.

Altcoin Fantasy

This is another simulator that you’ll come across. Besides Bitcoin this game lets you try out trading with other cryptocurrencies. When you start the game you get a set amount of virtual money and you can begin trading. Another interesting thing about this game is the fact that there are competitions available.

The rewards of these competitions are actual cryptocurrencies. So if you’re looking to build up your skills as a Bitcoin trader you can use this game to do so. You can also try your luck out at those competitions. If you’d like to you can also trade with the other cryptocurrencies on the market and see how you do.


If you’re a fan of fantasy games, then Splinterlands is the game for you. Unlike the previous titles, this is a trading card game. You can choose from 6 factions and collect cards to make your deck better. You can collect other useful items as well and you can use Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies to buy these items. Nevertheless, you’ll experience the same competitions as you would on a trading market.

Spell of Genesis

This is another trading card game. Similar to the previous entry, this game supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s based on blockchain technology so the cards you get to keep them. Besides cards, you can also find other collectibles that let you improve your deck and coincidently your chances against other players. The end goal is to defeat as many opponents as you can.


The crypto gaming market is still in its infancy. This means that players can enjoy new titles in the coming years. Besides simulators and trading card games gamers might see the market take up other popular gaming genres. The gaming industry hasn’t been the one to disappoint its clients. In other words, the developers will put in the effort needed to make new and exciting titles for the crypto gaming market.

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