Five top software development trends that have dominated 2020

Software developers have been working round the clock to provide various solutions


The year 2020 has been unique, and we are now in its third quarter. The technological space has proven to be very helpful in fighting the global pandemic that has brought a lot of business to their knees. Major organizations such as World Health Organizations have been using various platforms including social media to pass crucial information to people.

The software developers have been working round the clock to provide various solutions. There has been an increase in demand for some products, such as those in the gaming and health sectors. The following are some of the software development trends that have dominated the year 2020:

Focus on cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks make businesses lose a lot of money every year and it is projected that the business world will suffer $6 trillion in losses in 2021. Safety, when users are browsing online, has always been an issue. The user wants assurance that the software that he or she uses is safe and secure irrespective of whether it is an online kaszino or an online shopping app.

Cybercriminals are notorious for cases of distributed-denial-of-services (DDoS) and phishing attacks. There have been cases where hackers have hijacked crucial information online and led to the loss of money and crucial data. Software developers are now focusing on mitigating application security risks which starts with project management, adhering to coding guidelines, and IT architecture. Most apps invest in security apparatuses such as biometrics and 2FA, making it harder to hack such platforms.

Internet of Things is gaining more ground

IoT is an assortment of various technologies such as Big Data, sensors, ML, AI, APIs, and Radio-Frequency Identification. Developers have proved that they can create networks by fitting sensors on different things such as home gadgets, appliances, vehicles, and security apparatus. Devices on a network will use application programming interfaces to exchange data over the internet. The IoT market is huge and the global spend was $212 billion in 2017. The market is expected to grow steadily and reach a value of 1.5 trillion by 2025.

We can now see IoT in areas such as home automation and, asset tracking where companies can track stock, logistics, and supply chain through an interconnected network. Large companies in areas such as manufacturing, oil, and gas use expensive machinery which needs regular maintenance. IoT is coming in handy as it provides robust predictive maintenance capabilities to keep such machines at their optimal levels.

Digital transformation is taking over

Organizations are looking for ways to digitize their operations and crucial aspects such as customer care. This year has experienced a lot of focus on online businesses as people want to reduce movement. Human-centric and manual tasks characterize the traditional setup. Digitization is the process of converting such tasks to their digital equivalents. For instance, gamblers have resulted in using kasyno internetowe as they are more convenient and safer than their land-based counterparts.

Software developers have been at the forefront of leading this digital transformation journey. Digital transformation is not an overnight process. Players in this space have invested in tools that help them become innovative depending on needs. There needs to be a sound foundation for the digital transformation journey to be successful. The software developers also analyze areas such as cost-benefit analysis before they embark on this journey.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Native apps are the best when it comes to performance and user experience on a mobile device. However, developing native apps is costly as you have to develop different apps for different operating systems such as Android and iOS. The long term maintenance cost for the two different code bases will also push the costs up.

PWAs can deliver a similar user experience to what you get in native apps. PWAs support push notifications and the users don’t have to search for such apps on the app stores. PWAs are cheaper to maintain as they have one source code. Many businesses are now adopting PWAs to improve customer engagement.

Developers are taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence

What if machines could do some of the tasks like a human? That is what AI is all about. Artificial Intelligence is wide and involves different capabilities such as speech, natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning.

Software developers are creating apps that can ‘learn’ from experience. Such apps will use vast amounts of data to make decisions. Alexa and Siri are examples of AI apps from top tech giants. We can also see computers and TVs that have voice-control apps that reduce physical interaction.


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