How KnowledgeHut’s immersive learning solution is paving the way for the future of learning


Virtual is becoming the new normal in learning. Online learning has seen exponential adoption among professionals during this pandemic. The majority have switched to an online mode to ensure that learning never stops. However, despite coming up with superior technology solutions for online learning, ed-tech start-ups still aren’t quite reaching the full potential because of the digital divide, as quality and equality issues are prevalent.

As per a report by BCG, 61% of professionals believe that global megatrends like COVID-19 have affected their jobs, and similar shifts will continue to occur. As a result, 65% of professionals devote significant time to refining their skills. The vast majority are also willing to acquire new skills to become attractive candidates for completely different jobs. The report states that job changes will be driven by new technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics (49%). In line with that, 72% of people who work in IT and technology or in science and research professions spend a few weeks or more a year developing on learning.

To meet this new-age learning adoption, Bengaluru-based KnowledgeHut has developed one of the most advanced learning solutions which offers comprehensive learning by blending the theory as well as hands-on learning.

KnowledgeHut calls it the Immersive Learning Experience. By working with many organizations and government bodies across the world to reskill and upskill their workforces, the learnings have been significant. KnowledgeHut acknowledged the shifts in global learning dynamics and started building a solution combining the traditional learning mechanisms with technology to create the immersive learning experience for global learners.

“KnowledgeHut’s immersive learning solution follows a simple approach: learners get to learn, practice, assess themselves, get in-depth insights on their learning, and personalize their learning journey to achieve their skill goals. Our key differentiation is that we are offering a blended solution under one umbrella. Whereas the current solutions available in the learning industry are scattered” says Subramanyam Reddy, co-founder and managing director of KnowledgeHut.

KnowledgeHut strongly emphasizes on taking the learner through an immersive learning journey which is made up of three key components: Great Content & Instructors, Extensive Practice, and Assessment & Reporting.

Here are some of the key differentiators.


Supports all types of courses

KnowledgeHut provides a seamless learning experience for online self-paced, blended model, and live virtual class type courses. Learners can watch videos, join live sessions directly, and even book 1 - 1 mentoring session with expert instructors easily, using a single dashboard.

Outcome-Based Learning

Courses are conceptualized and designed with an in-house Outcome-Based Learning model which calls for extensive research and mapping of skills and competencies along with adaptive testing and assessment across the journey of a course so that at the end, KnowledgeHut is able to accurately map a learner’s acquired skill to actual job worthiness, all the way down to capabilities and job roles. This gives learners a practical edge as they’re able to get thorough validation on their skills.

Integrated Practice Environment

KnowledgeHut’s learning platform offers a unique practice environment that runs directly in the user’s browser, offering a complete set of development tools to allow learners to practice what they’ve learned. Exercises are uniquely designed and carry detailed instructions that learners can follow as they write code and see instant results. This removes the friction associated with setting up a local development environment, which can vary from person to person. On the platform, KnowledgeHut offers a standardized development environment, thereby ensuring every learner gets exactly the same learning experience.

Multimedia Learning Assets

When it comes to self-paced programs, not only KnowledgeHut offers videos featuring rich animation and detailed explanations, but also augment it with flash cards, interactive e-reading content and quick recall quizzes that are designed to strategically reinforce learning. While flashcards give a holistic overview of the content that’s about to come, interactive reading material allows users to read fortified concepts and key content. And to top it all, the recall quiz offers a fast-multiple-choice test that not only lets the user validate learning but also course corrects by offering detailed explanations if a specific answer is incorrect.

Diagnostic Tests & Assignments

Courses feature a unique diagnostic exam that learners take before they begin with a course. This helps in gaining valuable insight into their understanding and knowledge before learners begin with the course. This also allows them to map and demonstrate their skills learning progression as they reach the end of the course. In addition, courses include module end assignments. These are multiple-choice questions or coding assignment based mini exams that are peppered throughout a curriculum. Every question is deep linked and mapped to individual skills, competencies as well as Bloom’s verbs. The result is a comprehensive insight into skills progression and learning, which allows learners to course correct and get the best out of the course.

Moreover, to organizations, it gives a clear and detailed insight into the learning progression of participants. Exams are adaptive, and that use KnowledgeHut own question banks, and can also work with clients to build custom question banks as per a given requirement. Learning efficacy can thus be quantified, which is paramount in any academic setting.

Micro-Credential Assessments

A micro-credential assessment is a mini auto-graded project that leverages an in-browser development environment to give the learners a real-world experience of building a micro application based on the skills they’ve learned in the course. Multiple such assignments ensure that students not only learn individual skills but are able to integrate and build products. Every MCA comes with detailed software requirement specifications, and internally every test is mapped to skills and competency markers as well as time-honored frameworks like Bloom’s Taxonomy to ensure a thorough insight into the skill sets of the learner. The platform auto-evaluates and computes a grade and a comprehensive report.

Integrated Cloud Lab

This unique feature allows students to instantly spin up dedicated cloud server environments like virtual machines with full access to set up and develop software and code. This one-click development environment offers desktop-class development capabilities and 100% flexibility.

Social Learning

Online learning doesn’t need to be an isolated experience. Learners should gain every bit of knowledge, and that includes learning for co-learners on the platform. KnowledgeHut’s social learning tools include a discussion board that features questions posted by other learners on the system and responses by both mentors and learners. Additionally, cohorts can be created as needed, allowing small groups to work closely with mentors for an enhanced learning experience. In such a case, the cohort can communicate between themselves and their mentor using a real-time chat feature.

Full-Featured Adaptive Assessments

KnowledgeHut’s learning platform allows organizations to create and administer assessments and online tests utilizing both pre-built and custom question banks. These assessments can feature multiple-choice questions and code assignment-type questions and provide a detailed report at the end. This test engine is part of KnowledgeHut’s core product offering.


The result of KnowledgeHut’s outcome-based learning model is comprehensive reports that our platform generates, giving both organizations and learners a deep and thorough insight into skills progression.

Work Like Experiences

The solution to effective online learning isn’t rooted in the gamut of tools but in how these tools and the learning content are weaved together. KnowledgeHut’s final objective is to provide true work-like and production-grade experiences, even when learning. This also means KnowledgeHut doesn’t like to throw their tools at the learner and expect them to figure out its benefits. Instead, the tools are woven in a seamless harmony across the journey of a course. As a result, learners strengthen and fortify their skills using our adaptive outcome-based learning model, and right at the end of the course, learners get to work on a production-grade capstone project and a test, both of which are designed to complete the circle and make you job-ready from day one.

Evidently, the learning experience with KnowledgeHut is uniquely different from competing platforms.

“When we planned to enter the tech learning space, we did not want to take the usual approach with conventional video-based learning or virtual meeting software. We decided that we were going to deliver an immersive learning experience that ultimately helps learners perform in their job roles. That means our learning platform will offer concepts for learning with the outcome-based curriculum — packed with learning tools for practical experience. We think that’s where we have arrived today.” Mr. Reddy said.

KnowledgeHut has trained over 250,000 professionals across 70 countries. Founded in 2011 with a bootstrapped $10,000, the company has grown to a $15 million business today.

As technology becomes the core of every interaction today, KnowledgeHut, with its new and enhanced offerings, says it is deeply committed to providing great learning experiences for global professionals and is continuously evolving their immersive learning solution. The company says it strives to provide the best outcomes in the areas of technology learning, and professional certifications.

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