Top digital marketing trends of 2020

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Digital marketing is an evolving business that churns new trends, strategies, plans, and skills from time to time. Enterprises use these trends to gain a better foothold and maximize their online presence. These trends are so powerful that it has become almost impossible to have a successful top digital marketing agency without them.

When a company keeps up with trends, they are more likely to get an engagement level that they would not have obtained otherwise. Trendsetting and trend hopping are two invaluable assets in today's day and age, which should not be ignored. It does not mean that you abandon all previous directions; you should use a combination of trends to set a brand image that will stand out and be socially conscious.

Some of the crucial digital marketing trends for 2020 are -


Big companies usually pay top dollar to big influencers like Kylie Jenner to post positive reviews or showcase their product to their followers. If you are an up and coming company, there is a considerable chance that you will not be able to afford the fees that most of the big influencers charge. You should find a set of influencers that may not have as significant a following but big enough for community outreach.

It means you interact with your audience by pitching your product to multiple small-time influencers who will charge you less or negligible for showcasing your product. Multiple micro-influencers showcase your product to their followers. You reach a wider audience at a reasonable cost.

Direct Messaging

Reaching out to potential customers is a great way to increase the presence of your brand. Quick and concise replies pique the people's interest, and they will appreciate the effort you put into making your brand approachable.


People want things to be approachable in a warm and friendly way now. Gone is the era when everything had to be mysterious and suspenseful. You can use videos like 'How it is to work at your company' to 'What is served for lunch'. Publish them weekly or daily depending on your goals. 

An easy way to gain momentum and a substantial following Vlogging is to look out for in 2020.

Advertising with AI

When a cutting-edge technology is available for use, you should tap into its full potential without wasting time. It can have a significant impact on your social media handles. Machine learning is a branch of AI that use previous data to help you make informed decisions.

Your future campaigns can be tweaked to perform best with this, and you can have an advantage over your competitors easily.


Many companies offer digital marketing services in Delhi NCR ,  look for one that keeps up with the trend. We use all the information gathered so that we have a competitive edge in predicting future customers' behaviour in real-time.

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