Mohd. Badar become a source of inspiration for Substantiality and Deterministic towards the event industries

The event management industry is also facing uncertainty during the pandemic

badar-week-focus Mohd. Badar

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt. With every sphere of business shut down, the event management industry has also not been spared. With no public or private gatherings being organized, owing to the situation arising due to the virus outbreak, the number of events has come down drastically, putting the whole event management industry to risk. However, amidst all this gloom, Mohd. Badar, founder-director of HBN Events Pvt. Ltd. is holding aloft the flame of hope, not just for himself but also for others like him, who are involved in event management & facing uncertainty right now.

Speaking about the plight of the industry he belongs to, Badar says, “The event and entertainment industry is going through challenging times since the outbreak of the corona virus. The economic disruption has led to businesses across various sectors facing a halt in their growth. The worst affected is the event industry, where businesses are witnessing a major dip in their incomes due to the cancellation of events worldwide.”

His words describe the crisis initiated by Covid-19, which has disrupted the event management and entertainment businesses. Entrepreneurs across the spectrum have felt the heat of this downturn. The abrupt interruption of events in the public space has left a lot of business owners without a steady source of income and, with that, any hope for a future.

Perhaps addressing his industry colleagues, Badar says that this is not the time to give up and sit back.  He says, “In the present scenario, event organizers need to reconsider their business strategies, the options before them and decide their priorities. They need to balance the two main outstanding issues – to look after the physical health and safety of their workforce and associates and to maintain the financial health of their business.”

His words would definitely resonate with the event organizers, who are forced to meet both ends of the spectrum – ensuring the health and safety of their staff members, assay the fears of the sponsors and encourage trust among the attendees while at the same time trying hard to minimize the losses incurred due to disruption of business in the past four months.

Mohd. Badar has been creating waves in the field of event and entertainment management for the past decade with his association with dynamic corporate and customized events. His ability to run multiple projects at the same time and pay attention to minute detailing of an event have put him in the big league of event organizers in the country. He believes in managing, motivating and building a cohesive team, which is his true strength. He possesses outstanding cross-industry skills and his team of marketing and communications professionals work for the promotion, marketing and management of a number of projects at different scales.

Based out of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Mohd. Badar is creating an impact in the industry with the help of his 10+ years of experience in dynamic global corporate and customer events. Donning the ability to manage, motivate and build cohesive teams, he is adept at running multiple projects concurrently without leaving out on any minute detail. Moreover, being driven by high-energy communications, the problem-solving mechanism comes naturally to him.

His humanitarian spirit is reflected in his contribution in establishing, impart quality education to the deprived sections of the society. He also works for women empowerment through multiple programs. He is very active on social media too, using the vibrant medium to get a glimpse of the changing world and also help him stay on toes to fulfill his clients’ demands. On his Instagram page, badar.emagination, Badar shares glimpses from his personal and professional lives, keeping his followers abreast of what is happening in his life.

While the Covid19 pandemic is not showing any signs of slowing down, Badar doesn’t want you to underestimate the value of events and advises that in the coming times, hopefully in a post-Covid19 world, the society will return to events and the business will be revived once again. His parting message to the event managers, “Be patient in this pandemic.”