Abheek Dutta: 'Using Cloud Technology Is The Best Way To Combat The Pandemic'

Interview with Henson Group senior vice-president Abheek Dutta

Abheek-Dutta-Henson-Group Abheek Dutta, senior vice-president Henson Group

As industries wrap their heads around the current global crisis, there’s a young man from Jammu, who has been constantly providing solutions to overcome the challenges that this time has brought with it.

Meet Abheek Dutta, a software professional - currently serving as the Senior Vice President of the renowned Henson Group - who with his innovative ideas, strategic solutions and cutting-edge technology, is helping corporates, industries and startups to tide over many hurdles and challenges that this COVID era is offering. 

Always a bright Engineering student, Abheek wanted to do something on his own. Having previously employed with companies like TCS and IBM, Abheek usually sits at his office at World Trade Center, New York and Chandigarh .

Q: Tell us something about Henson Group and your role in it. 

A: I am currently working as the country manager of Henson Info Solutions Private Limited, headquartered at New York (USA).  Henson Group is a ‘partner of choice for Microsoft and its partners’, as it stands as an award-winning Azure Expert MSP Gold Certified Partner for licensing, consulting and managing services to corporations big and small. 

We are involved in providing a range of information technology solutions including cutting-edge cloud services. We design, develop, and maintain data including advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and so on. 

Q: Has the impact of COVID-19 on India’s economy ushered in new possibilities of business growth using cloud technology?

A: Absolutely! There’s no doubt that we’re living in unprecedented times. The Covid-19 crisis has created immense fear and chaos. Businesses have got affected, with revenues falling rapidly and employee health greatly at risk. In such times, it is important for businesses to adapt to new methods of working which means, reducing the need to have physical interactions and relying on technology which is safe, more effective and far less expensive. 

I am glad that through our efforts, we’ve been able to convince a lot of companies to let go of keeping data physically in their premises and using cloud services that can be accessed online anywhere at any time. 

Q: What do you think about the ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’ movement that PM Modi has been emphasizing lately?

A: I totally agree with our honorable PM that now is the need to become self-sufficient and pave way for indigenous talent to come up. An incredible thing that works in our favor is the fact that the IT talent pool in India is astonishing. I have personally employed local talent from my hometown Jammu and I am proud to say that we have grown from a mere five to more than 150 employee plus associates company within a span of a two years only. It is a great opportunity for us - the entrepreneurs to give jobs to do something constructive for the amazing local talent we have. 

Q: Which are the areas that your company would like to expand its services?  

A: Cloud services, AI (Artificial Technology), Machine Learning and Big Data. I am proud of my hardworking and highly competent colleagues like Daljeet Singh, Randhir Singh, and Deepanshu Arora and I am sure we will continue to strengthen our offerings with our services to further boost ours as well as our country’s growth. 

Q: Your advice to entrepreneurs facing various challenges due to COVID-19 and resulting economic fall?

A: I strongly feel that navigating this crisis is about remaining positive, and playing a meaningful role in your clients’ lives. Keeping the customer-first has never been more important. Aligning brand objectives to new customers should be your primary goal. This is a time to survive and tide over, personal profits will come later! 

I am glad that at Henson, even during this time, we are making a strong statement by effectively increasing our workforce at all levels.