Recommended Ways to Consume CBD-based Products


Cannabidiol has been growing in fame from the last decade. Although different from its high-inducing counterpart - THC, CBD products are known for their pain-relieving effects and anti-inflammatory properties. With this being said, CBD products are crucial ingredients that are used in tinctures, oils, balms, and even edibles. Also, some companies use CBD for their amazing effects on the body's health. Therapies and long-term relief from debilitating ailments are often administered with the use of CBD products. 

Marijuana, however, is often mistaken always to have the psychoactive ingredients present on their strains. Mainly, there are two parent strains on which Marijuana is derived - Indicas and Sativas. Cannabis Sativa or Sativas are known for the head-high after-effects upon consumption. Known for having high concentration levels of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, Sativa strains cause more cerebral effects and are perfect for day-time use. 

Indica strains, on the other hand, are known for higher levels of CBD or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol subjects the body on a body-high state and is perfect for people searching for natural sleeping remedies. With the sedative properties of CBD, it helps active patients that experience difficulty sleeping to relax, calm down and induce rest. Moreover, known for the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, Indica strains are the go-to remedy for a lot of sports athletes. Using CBD as balms and ointments before and after training, athletes or even the general public can also consume CBD products in different ways. 

If you are a beginner in taking CBD products, here are some ways or recommended guidelines to know the different methods in consuming medical Marijuana.

CBD Smoking

Smoking is the most commonly used method in taking in medical Marijuana. High strains of CBD marijuana is the best choice when you want to have a faster effect. Due to smoking being common and often done casually, smoking medical Marijuana allows a non-paranoid and relaxing feeling for consumers. Although smoking does deliver Marijuana faster in the body, it also comes with certain disadvantages. 

If you have experienced asthma attacks or troubles with your respiratory system, smoking marijuana must be avoided. Coughing and wheezing are tell-tale signs that lead to several ailments involving your lungs.

CBD Vape Pens and Vaporizers

Although similar to smoking, vaporizing uses an atomizer which turns CBD vape liquids to vapour. Vape pens and other vaporizers are better alternatives when compared to smoking. Likewise, vaping offers a faster intake of CBD compounds in the body. The inhalation process often gives the consumer a quicker dose of CBD in the body. With that said, always do thorough research on which vape pen is best suitable for you. Also, knowing the quality of your CBD marijuana strain is essential. Here is a list of the different CBD vaporizers available in the market.

Table-top Vaporizers – These vaporizers are usually made for home use and are mostly powered from an outlet. If you have a condition which limits you to only your home, then you can opt to use this. However, if you have an active lifestyle, then it is better to have a portable vape pen instead.

Oil-based Vape pens – If you have an active lifestyle, as mentioned before, vape pens are the best choice to administer your daily dose of CBD. Keep in mind that oil-based vape pens are battery-powered and can be plugged to a USB charger for recharging. 

Wax-based Vape pens – Similar to oil-based pens, wax-based vape pens are often used on the go and can be charged any time of the day. The only difference with wax-based and oil-based pens are the type of CBD used which is wax rather than oil.

Portable Flower Vapes – Designed for high-quality cannabis seeds and flowers, portable flower vapes are usually used the same way as vape pens. Rechargeable and great for people who have a busy schedule. 

Topical CBD Products

Application of topical creams, salves, rubs, roll-ons, oils, and balms is the most common method used by athletes to administer CBD. Known for the pain-relieving properties, anti-inflammatory effects and stress reduction capabilities, CBD can be applied through the skin. Most athletes use this method of taking in CBD due to their lifestyle; often if not, athletes apply creams to muscle sores, body aches and pain. Upon the application of CBD-infused topical creams, your body's CB1 and CBD2 receptors are stimulated. 

What's more, topical salves with CBD-infused ingredients are commonly found in the beauty section. With different vitamins that aid in skin repair and protects the collagen skin with naturally occurring antioxidants, CBD creams are perfect for controlling free radicals. The following can be alleviated through the application of topical CBD products.

Acne – Known for being unsightly and unwanted skin condition, Acnes are commonly found in the face region. Often described as reddening of the skin with considerable inflammations due to free radicals, Acne can cause severe skin condition if left untreated. Now, with the natural properties of CBD, which help in relieving inflammation, most beauty industries consider CBD as a solution – incorporating CBD to serums and creams. 

Muscle Sores – Athletes can endure several sores within a day. The constant wear and tear of the muscles prove to be excruciating if not painful. With the pain-relieving effects of CBD, most trainers recommend athletes to apply CBD creams to the skin surface where swells often form.

CBD Tinctures

A CBD tincture is a formulation which combines different ingredients to CBD like alcohol and flavours to enhance the taste. Also, the use of other dissolving solutions like vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, and ethanol are included in creating CBD-infused tinctures. The process of consuming CBD through tinctures includes using a dropper. The dropper is then used to administer a drop of CBD-infused formula underneath the tongue. 

The application provides your body with a faster intake of CBD which mostly happens in the bloodstream. The straightforward form of CBD tinctures gives consumers the quickest and easiest way to get their daily dose of CBD. Moreover, beginners can consult in using CBD tinctures first to know the benefits of the formula. 


When you compare CBD oil and CBD tinctures, you will find that they are similar in packaging and application. Also, they are manufactured on the same methods – CO2 or alcohol extraction. The only difference between CBD oils and tinctures are the time of soaking. With this, CBD oils are of higher quality when compared to CBD tinctures. Also, CBD oils often do not have any flavouring, which makes them taste bitter. 

What's more, CBD oils can be used through vaporization, keep in mind that there are specific vaporization pens that use oils. Due to the higher concentration of CBD in the formula, CBD oils are better administered to patients experiencing chronic conditions like epilepsy, IBS, and more. 

CBD Edibles

You may have heard of having the "munchies" every time a marijuana smoker has finished smoking. With the same concept in mind, a lot of companies have incorporated CBD to food. You can find a variety of edibles like chocolates, gummies, gums, candy, and taffy that inhibit CBD in them. Also, beverages like teas, milkshakes, other drinks are infused with CBD. If you have a sweet tooth and needs to have your CBD maintenance, then CBD edibles are perfect for you. Here are the other reasons why people incorporate CBD to edibles. 

CBD Edibles are Convenient – When you want to have a quick start-up on your day, take a gummy or two, and you're done. Also, you can carry it wherever and whenever you are. This convenience help people who needs their CBD dose even if on the road. 

CBD Edibles Varies – As aforementioned, you can choose from a myriad of CBD edibles and have them in different flavours. Take, for instance, gummies, most companies have different flavoured gummies from blueberries to cherries and even have them in savoury, sour flavours. 

CBD Edibles are Flexible – Whether you have a scheduled training regimen in the afternoon, you can take your CBD Edibles with you. Also, milkshakes provide all-sorts of combinations. For instance, most athletes are known to include CBD to their milkshake diets of fruits and vegetables.

Keep in mind that these edibles can have varying formulations and potency. With this, if you are only starting your CBD escapade to better health, start with low concentration and gradually up your dosage. Although you can find different companies selling an assortment of CBD products, you can consult American Marijuana for the best suggestions on several top-quality CBD brands in the market. 

CBD Pills and Capsules

Ingesting and getting the benefits of CBD through the use of pills and capsules is one of the most discreet ways of consuming CBD products. If you have not tried smoking or have a severe condition which involves your lungs, then CBD pills are the best option. Also, these methods can be considered if you are reluctant to eat CBD products or try CBD oils. 

Although CBD-infused pills are taken orally and lands in your gullet, the time it takes effect can be longer. The difference between when the CBD ingredients take effect depends on your metabolism. Also, it is essential to know that CBD-infused pill products can have a range for shape and type – solid tablets, powder capsules, and gel capsules.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is a form of CBD with no other ingredients are involved. Usually, in a powdered form, isolates are used to create different CBD-infused foods or beverage in your home. Also, CBD isolates can be taken as is. However, most people are inclined to use CBD isolates for cooking, shakes and drinks. If you want to have your go with CBD-infused brownies or chocolate shakes, CBD isolates are the perfect go-to CBD product.

CBD Dabbing

Also known as CBD “flash vaporization” dabbing involves the use of special tools or rigs to extract the CBD essence from oils and wax. Usually, this type of method is used at homes. Due to the apparatus itself, consumers tend to have a faster immersion with CBD ingredients and its benefits.

The Bottom Line

Medical marijuana is a unique herb which can be taken in different ways. With several companies formulating an assortment of methods and tools, getting your daily dose of CBD can now be done with ease and comfort. Here are some guidelines on which way you should take CBD based on your lifestyle and conditions.

Athletic Lifestyle

If you are an athlete, the best option to have CBD in your body is through topical CBD creams. The pain-relieving properties of CBD is an essential part of maintaining the muscles in your body. Also, it can help reduce swelling, which results from muscle sores and cramps. Also, another efficient way to in-take CBD is through isolates or edibles. If you have time to make your own cocktail of CBD-infused shake using strains, then you’re good to go.

At-Home Consumer

If you are at home most of the time and needs to have your daily dose of CBD, then vaporization would work best for you. Conditions like epilepsy and IBS could be troublesome if seizures struck outside of your house. With this in mind, fast-acting vape pens and vaporization platforms are an indispensable solution. Also, you may try CBD tinctures that have fast-acting effects on your body.

Work-entitled Lifestyle

When you have a tight schedule and an intense work ethic, consuming CBD can be difficult. If you are having troubles in applying your CBD products to your plan, then having a compact and discreet method is beneficial. In general, most CBD-infused products are compatible and easy to consume, like edibles, oils, and tinctures. Also, if you are a dense smoker, smoking CBD is a solid solution in lowering nicotine intake.

Consuming CBD products must always be under regulation. Although the legalization of the product has been approved, risks of overdose must ever be taken into consideration. When you want to have your daily dose of CBD, always remember that some involve risks like respiratory issues while others have portability problems like vaporization rigs. The choice of how to take CBD-enriched products solely depends on you.

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