Scary X-ray reveals brand new razor blade stuck in pet dog's throat in Kerala, then...

Vets had to perform surgery to save the dog in Kanhangad

dig blade x-ray X-ray showing the blade inside the dog's body | Manorama Online

The way nine-month-old Appu reeled in pain on Friday night, Kanhangad native Krishnan understood his dog had swallowed something that it was not supposed to. Like most dogs, it was not the first time he had gulped something inconsumable. But Appu couldn't throw up whatever he had swallowed and his struggle and wails intensified over time. It was then Krishnan understood this was not a regular rock-eating exercise gone wrong and his pet needed professional help.

Luckily for Appu, Kanhangad in Kasaragod district is one of the places in Kerala with a veterinary hospital that remains open 24 hours. Krishnan briefed the hospital staff and shared his doubts over Appu having consumed plastic or metal particles while playing inside the house. The veterinarians on duty also agreed that the cause of the pain was something stuck in its throat. Appu was soon taken to the X-ray room and the result was not comforting.

The veterinarians identified the thing stuck in the pet dog's throat to be a razor blade! The double-edged sharp object, if slips or moves could threaten the canine's life and surgery was the only solution.

Krishnan was convinced of the situation and a sodomised Appu was shifted to the operation theatre for emergency surgery, Manorama Online said in a report. The daily also accessed images of the one-and-a-half-hour-long surgery, which reportedly involved the surgeons operating near Appu's oesophagus to take out the blade. The image showed the vets taking out the sharp stainless steel from the dog's body before suturing back the membranes.

dig blade x-ray (1) Vets taking out the blade from Appu's throat | Manorama Online

Luckily for Appu, the operation was successful and he is recovering well under observation. The surgery was done by Dr Nidheesh Ganesh, Dr Jishnu, Dr Savad and Dr Sifana of the Kanhangad Government Veterinary Hospital, the Malayalam news report said. 

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