Wholesome viral video: Boy 'confronts' worried teacher with dope 'Kalapakkara' dance moves during school trip, then...

The teacher was standing shocked by the dance moves of her students when the boy came

viral video The teacher couldn't help but smile as they boy broke into dance around her | Screengrab

Who doesn't like school trips... A few days with your friends, away from home and academic dilemmas, excursions/Industry Visits/ tours are fun guaranteed. And most people are likely to place such trips among the most cherished memories of student life.

While one can't imagine a school/college trip sans classmates, there is another lot that is salient for such outings. We need teachers for the outings to happen (and the tour operators, of course)! While the students prefer the fun-loving, take-it-easy and "chill" teachers to accompany them, parents often hope one of those renowned tough and "strict" tutors to board the bus with their wards.

An Instagram video that has become an instant hit is likely to make you think about your relationship with the teachers who accompanied you on school/college trips. How relaxed were they? Did you make him/her lose cool at any point during the journey?

Because the reel, first uploaded earlier this month shows a teacher with a bunch of kids on a school trip. The nocturnal video shot outdoors shows a teacher watching from a distance as her students break into killer dance moves. Awestruck by the steps her girls had in store for the popular Malayalam song "Kalapakkaara', she had a finger on her nose.

"Jeeshma teacher realising she can only retire for the night after making sure the entire bunch is fast asleep," the video was captioned.

The undated video from somewhere in Kerala, then shows a lad slowly making his way towards his teacher. The moment he reaches her, the lad in a zebra-striped shirt quickly drops his polite posture and breaks into dance. Jeeshma Miss and the person behind the camera, presumably another teacher, can't help but laugh as the adolescent pulls out some silly yet firm steps right before them. 

The viral video shows the boy hopping his hands and legs at made pace as he danced around his teacher for a few seconds before she said "Poda cherukka" (get going now, boy!) with a broad smile on her face.

The kid, responds to the command by pulling out a new step. He dances a few steps back with an arm pointed towards the teacher, before coming back towards her again.

The teacher was clearly not offended by his moves. Her face confirmed that she wanted her students to have a great time and loved being amidst the happy bunch.


Many social media users commented that the video showed how teacher-student relationships have changed over the years. New-gen teachers are more receptive and frank compared to their predecessors. 

If it was teachers who used to be around when they were kids in Jeeshma Miss's place, the boy would have had a "memorable night", some others said. 

Yet others said the kid was sure his teacher would love it and nothing ill will come out of it. That's what made the video wholesome. One got no other choice but to agree the video was indeed wholesome.

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