Viral: Schoolgirl gets filmed while showing off 'Kaavaalaa' charm to friends, her reaction is gold!

The undated video shows a schoolgirl dancing to 'Kaavaalaa' before her friends

kaavaalaala viral video Over a million people have watched the viral video of the schoolgirl's 'Kaavaalaa' moves so far | Facebook

The 'Kaavaalaa' song from Rajinikanth-starred "Jailer" stands tall among this year's chartbusters. Sung by composer Anirudh Ravichander and  Shilpa Rao, a dashing Tamannaah Bhatia's viral hook steps were also the reason for the song becoming an instant sensation. 

The song remains a popular "reel material" on Instagram, with the hook being the highlight -- even months after the movie's release. Several celebrities, social media influencers and the public recreated the iconic dance moves that created ripples online. 

Now, another 'Kaavaalaa' video has now become viral on the internet. The video, however, is not one shot for Instagram on a chosen platform after multiple rehearsals. Instead, this one is a "spy cam work" from inside a school classroom where a group of friends are enjoying a break.

The undated video shows a schoolgirl dancing to the 'Kaavaalaa' song surrounded by a small group of friends. She sings the popular song herself while recreating the hook steps delightfully and without a care for the world.

However, she is shocked when she finds out her dance moves are being recorded (by the unknown person behind the camera). She freezes for a moment with bulged eyes before falling playfully to a side.  The changing emotions on her face, facing the camera, also alerts her friends of the cameraperson's presence behind them, who burst into laughter. 

The viral video shared by a Facebook page has garnered over 1.6 million views during the time of compiling this article. "Kids these days are always vibing, are they not?" the caption in Malayalam read.

While it remains uncertain if the clip was from a school in Kerala or not. there is no doubt that the caption got it right. Keep having fun, little ones!


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