Unraveling the secrets of Luxury Self-care Brand; Kimirica


Nestled in the bustling city of Indore, India, Kimirica Hunter International LLP stands as a testament to innovation, luxury, and sustainability. Founded in 2012 by the Jain brothers, Mohit and Rajat, this homegrown venture has soared to remarkable heights, establishing itself as India’s foremost manufacturer of hotel amenities. Today, Kimirica's presence spans over 22 countries, gracing over 1,500 prestigious hotels such as Marriott, Hyatt, Westin, Sheraton, Hilton, Novotel and more. The brand’s philosophy, deeply rooted in delivering personalised, luxurious self-care experiences that are ethically and sustainably sourced, resonates globally, making it a household name in the luxury amenities sector.

At the heart of Kimirica’s ethos is a commitment to innovation and self-sufficiency. As pioneers in the luxury self-care market, the brand stands out for its end-to-end control over product innovation, formulation, and manufacturing. This unique approach ensures each brand’s product not only meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability but also embodies the founders' vision for ethical luxury.

The founding quartet - Mohit Jain, Rajat Jain, Kimi Jain, and Rica Jain - brought together a rich tapestry of knowledge, passion, and creativity. With backgrounds in marketing, e-commerce, pharmacy, and Ayurveda, coupled with prestigious academic credentials from the University of Birmingham and Stanford, their combined expertise has propelled Kimirica to the forefront of the industry. The Jain brothers have played pivotal roles in shaping the brand’s destiny. Mohit, with his profound experience in design and marketing, has been instrumental in developing the brand’s aesthetic and sensory appeal. Meanwhile, Rajat, as the head of R&D and lead perfumer, has infused the brand with his olfactory genius, crafting fragrances that evoke memories and elevate moods.

Rajat Jain’s dedication to sustainability and innovation is evident in Kimirica’s manufacturing processes, which feature cold-process techniques reducing energy consumption by 50% and the use of non-toxic, vegetable-oil-based inks. Such practices underscore the brand’s pledge to not just luxury, but responsible luxury that respects the planet.

Kimirica’s journey from its inception to becoming a symbol of luxury and sustainability is nothing short of inspiring. Beyond the numbers and accolades, it's the brand's ability to create memorable experiences through its products that stands out. Rajat Jain’s narrative of drawing inspiration from his childhood memories, particularly the scent of rose water used by his mother, highlights the personal touch that goes into each product. This connection between fragrance and memory is a cornerstone of the brand's philosophy, aiming to transport users to moments of beauty and tranquility.

As the brand continues to expand its global footprint, with plans to increase its retail presence significantly, the brand remains dedicated to making ethical and sustainable practices a lifestyle choice, not just a market trend. Mohit Jain’s vision for Kimirica’s future is not just about reaching more customers but about enhancing the way people experience luxury and self-care.

Kimirica’s story is a compelling narrative of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and a deep-rooted commitment to ethics and sustainability. It stands as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and established brands alike, proving that with passion, vision, and ethical practices, it’s possible to make a substantial impact on the global stage while staying true to one’s roots and values. As Kimirica forges ahead, its journey continues to inspire and redefine the boundaries of luxury and responsibility in the self-care industry.

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