Fiona Diamonds Launches #FreefromLove Campaign: Redefining Valentine's Day Gifting!

Fiona-Diamonds-Launches Valentine's Day Collection by Fiona Diamonds

Mumbai, February 8, 2024: Love knows no bounds, yet often in the rush of the world, it's easy to lose sight of its true essence. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Fiona Diamonds has unveiled its groundbreaking campaign, #FreefromLove, urging individuals to embrace a new perspective on gifting and love.

At the heart of the #FreefromLove campaign lies a profound philosophy: love, in its purest form, is unbridled and unchained. True love begins with oneself, fostering a deep appreciation for the self before extending that love outward. Fiona Diamonds understands that love is the force that propels our world, but acknowledges the pressures that accompany it, particularly on days like Valentine's Day.

The campaign challenges the notion of obligatory gift-giving, advocating instead for gifts chosen purely out of love and genuine sentiment. Fiona Diamonds asserts that the enduring symbol of love - diamonds - should be acquired not out of compulsion or societal pressure or even the pressure to spend more, but as a heartfelt expression of affection and appreciation. These lab-grown marvels not only promise purity and brilliance but also come with the assurance of being the best-priced solitaires in the market, making luxury accessible to all.


Central to the #FreefromLove campaign is the endorsement of lab-grown diamonds. Fiona Diamonds emphasizes that these ethical and sustainable alternatives epitomize the essence of authentic love - a choice made from within, free from external influence.

"Valentine's Day shouldn't be about conforming to societal norms or succumbing to pressure to spend," says Mr. Parag Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO at Fiona Diamonds. "It's about celebrating love in its purest form, whether it's for oneself or for a cherished partner. Our #FreefromLove campaign encourages individuals to embrace the joy of giving without the weight of expectations. Do visit your nearest Fiona Diamonds store to check out these stunning, accessible and timeless diamond pieces to gift yourself or for the one that you love at 5% price of natural diamonds! You can also visit our website: . Remember, let love be the guiding force behind every gift, and let diamonds symbolize the enduring bond that transcends societal constructs. Fiona Diamonds invites everyone to join the #FreefromLove movement and celebrate Valentine's Day with intention and authenticity.”

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