Saniya Chordia's Vision: The Time Café – Where Creativity Meets Productivity


Saniya Chordia introducing The Time Café to provide a space for all creative thinkers and innovators

Saniya Chordia is a dynamic architect and entrepreneur whose journey has been defined by an unyielding passion for design, hospitality, and innovation. Graduating from the prestigious Parsons School of Design, Saniya honed her creative and visionary skills, which now permeate her diverse business ventures. With a keen eye for creating exceptional experiences, she has successfully conceptualised and executed her vision in various realms, including the captivating Blak and mysterious Vault Nightclub in Pune, the recent acquisition of Soho House Mumbai, and her latest groundbreaking venture, The Time Table at Ventive.


Saniya Chordia

Father’s Name

Atul Chordia

Date of Birth

2nd September, 1996

Company Name

Ventive Makers Circle

Inception- Ventive Makers Circle



Parsons School of Design  

About The Time Table at Ventive

The Time Table is a revolutionary concept in co-working and networking, where productivity meets a welcoming and novel atmosphere in the vibrant neighbourhood of Koregaon Park, Pune. Their innovative time-based system allows users to customize the duration of their work sessions in a thoughtfully curated, fully-equipped workspace. To enhance their experience, the time cafe offers a delightful array of refreshments and facilitates networking within a vibrant community of like minded creators. With flexible membership options to suit everyone’s unique needs, they also offer regular professional events, a strong commitment to design, and seamless technology integration to further boost your productivity.

Saniya’s mission is to nurture a thriving and inspirational community of designers and co-creators in the peaceful ambiance of their vintage bungalow.

The Time Table at Ventive isn't just a spot to grab a cup of coffee; it's a creative haven where ideas are born, connections are forged, and imaginations take flight. Saniya believes in the power of collaboration that extraordinary things come to life when creative minds unite.

Whether you're in search of a quiet corner to sketch your next masterpiece, engage in brainstorming sessions, or simply unwind and socialise, their space caters to everyone’s needs.

Included in the hourly price are a range of amenities and services:

1.  Unlimited Beverage Refills: Patrons can enjoy unlimited refills from a diverse selection of beverages to keep them energised throughout their work session.

2.  Access to a Well-Designed Environment: Access to their welcoming and thoughtfully designed workspace, both indoors and outdoors, which offers comfort and inspiration.

3.  Workspaces for Individuals and Teams: Creators can find comfortable workspaces designed for both individual work and collaborative team projects.

4.  Access to AI Tools and Services: Members can utilise the latest and most essential AI tools and services to enhance their productivity.

5.   Community of Creatives: Members can join a vibrant community of like-minded creators and innovative individuals, fostering networking and collaboration opportunities.

6.  Printing Services: Members can print up to 5 black and white or 1 coloured document per hour.

7.  Games and Quizzes: Access to a variety of games and quizzes curated by Ventive for some leisurely breaks.

8.  Woodworking Tools and Station: Enjoy limited access to woodworking tools and a dedicated woodworking station for all creative projects.

9.  Spray Rooms and Painting Facilities: Access specialised spray rooms and painting facilities for artistic and DIY projects.

10.   Fast Unlimited Wi-Fi: Stay connected and productive with their fast and reliable unlimited Wi-Fi.

The Time Table redefines the traditional co-working experience, providing everyone with the tools, space, and environment to maximise their productivity and creativity.

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