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When we hear about business success, it's easy to imagine it as a singular, grand achievement. However, the reality is far more complex. Business success is akin to a puzzle comprising various, often overlooked pieces.

Have you ever tried to bake a perfect cake? You need the right ingredients – the precise type of flour, the ideal balance of sugar, and just the correct amount of butter. Business success follows a similar pattern. It's not a single, one-size-fits-all formula but a harmonious blend of different factors. Business, undoubtedly, holds immense allure, with people pouring their enthusiasm, skills, and resources into it. However, a few questions often arise:

1.  Why do some people always find business a struggle while others keep achieving success over and over again?

2.  Many individuals dream but cannot even initiate their business ventures, forget success in business.

3.  Some people thrive in one business but fail in others. Does this mean a falter in their business acumen, or is there a deeper layer to it?

4.  Some people thrive in certain industries, while others struggle. Does this mean the industry is at fault or is the person not suitable for that business?

5.  Established businesses sometimes crumble, while newly launched startups soar to great heights.

6.  A business under duress can suddenly become lucrative when it changes ownership, as exemplified by Alok Industries and Reliance.

7.  Why would a business running for decades suddenly erode from the business scenario with the new generation taking it over?

The foremost essential for any person to do or to get success in business is if you are born to be a business owner or an employee. Success and wealth aren't only about starting your own business. Many people have achieved great success as employees, too. The same way, in the business world, there are stories of both success and failure.

For business success, the key is to know are you are born to be a business person or not, selecting the appropriate type of business, finding compatible partners, and securing the necessary resources. While these aspects might not always be in the spotlight, they are the hidden gems that contribute significantly to the success of any business venture. But then there are inimical (hidden) factors also which can devastate any business. That is where business astrology can help you.

However, reading about business astrology, you may find what planet supports what business, which Zodiac sign is good for business, which house should be seen for business. And you get a universal explanation, which seems equally good as the single parameter. But remember, it's not just one planet, one house or simply your Zodiac sign that decides the business success. But it is a combination of many things seen in tandem before the business astrology can really come to your side.

This is where the business horoscope, based on one's date of birth, comes into play. Even if you are born into a family with a strong business background, there's no guarantee that your horoscope will favour business pursuits as it did for your family members. Several well-established Indian business dynasties, like the Modis and Singhanias, have faded from the business landscape. In contrast, others like Ambani, Birla, and Tata have achieved phenomenal success in their family businesses.

Business success goes beyond just individual skills. Even if people like the ones mentioned earlier used their skills well, their business horoscopes would have guided them differently. Simply relying on planetary influences can't guarantee success in business. If that were the case, astrologers who understand these planetary alignments would be the wealthiest businesspeople, but that's not how it works.

Combinations seen for business

It is not just your zodiac sign, a single planet, a single house or any one specific thing seen in business astrology for doing and succeeding in business. There are many combinations seen for business, and mind you, the astrologer should have some exposure to overall business dynamics. A traditional astrologer, I have doubts can practice business astrology. Business success is intricate, but astrology can illuminate the 'what,' 'when,' 'with whom,' and 'using what resources' aspects of a business venture. This is where business astrology truly shines.

Many endorse the idea what planets support what businesses. But it is not one planet in a particular house that decides the best business for a person. Astrologers should see the intrinsic relationship and strengths and weaknesses of many planets in the birth chart. It has to match with person's economic and surrounding circumstances, e.g. Saturn can indicate you become a blacksmith or steel mill owner. 

Business astrology delves deeply into the 10th house and its ruler for a comprehensive analysis. The 3rd house assesses intuition, speculative abilities, and risk-taking courage. The 5th house reflects an individual's knowledge, while the 7th and 9th houses gauge financial skills and potential support from governmental bodies. The 11th house determines gains and overall luck in life. Assessing the right moment for business expansion, considering factors like the 1st house, 2nd house, 10th house, Navamsa, and Dasmasa.

So, all these combinations are seen for business and its success.  

Business based on Sign

Online sources often highlight five or six zodiac signs conducive to business success. These signs are Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Taurus, and Virgo. Yet, I harbour a distinct perspective on conducting business according to one's zodiac sign.

The twelve astrological signs are divided into four clusters, each associated with one of the fundamental elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Each Sign exhibits inherent characteristics corresponding to its name. For instance, while the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) possess qualities like passion, assertiveness, and impulsiveness, they can also display impatience and destructiveness. In business, a balance of these characteristics is essential.

The allocation of a zodiac sign occurs at birth, with each person receiving a unique horoscope, a direct reflection of past life deeds. However, regardless of their zodiac sign, how one harnesses the potential outlined in their horoscope depends on their present life's karma. Individuals associated with traditionally unfavourable zodiac signs can lead a fulfilling life and vice versa.

Labelling particular zodiac signs as perfect for business should be more intricate.

No zodiac sign can promise success or failure in business. Each Sign comes with its mix of strengths and weaknesses. Besides, in today's ever-changing business world, the traits associated with these signs might require adjustments to meet evolving challenges.

Consider: Prominent Indian business leaders like Mukesh Ambani (Aries), Anil Agarwal (Aquarius), and Gautam Adani (Cancer) do not fall under the six zodiac above signs typically associated with business success. On the contrary, individuals like Siddhartha Mallya (Taurus) and Anil Ambani (Aquarius) align with these categories, yet their business stories reflect different.

Read more on business astrology and make a much informed decision rather than simply depending on your zodiac sign, a single planet or a house in birth chart. Also your inherent skills, interests, and, most importantly, your intent define your path to success. For any specific analysis tailored to your unique circumstances, connect with me by calling my office at +91 9278555588/9278665588.

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