Celebrity photographer Vivek Kashyap's innovative techniques transform the art of wedding photography


A wedding is a day where love dances in the air, laughter flows like champagne, and promises are sealed with tender glances. And at the heart of it all stands the wedding photographer, who captures the magic of this ephemeral chapter. Vivek Kashyap is one name that has been consistently making waves for his groundbreaking and imaginative approach to wedding photography.

Every click of his shutter weaves dreams into visual poetry, etching love stories into the annals of time. In an industry saturated with traditional poses and clichéd settings, Vivek Kashyap's work stands out as a breath of fresh air. The pictures from Alanna Panday-Ivor McCray's and a few private marriages are proof of Vivek's ingenious approach to wedding photography. His unique blend of colour grading and effects transforms ordinary images into something out of a fairy tale.

The photographer's use of lighting is another hallmark of his innovative approach. He masterfully combines natural and artificial light to create mind-blowing effects. His skillful play with shadows and highlights adds depth and dimension to his photographs, making them feel real. The pictures clicked by Vivek for Kiara Advani-Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor's wedding truly exemplify the above words!

It's not just the excellent use of technology that defines his work. Vivek's keen eye for emotion and storytelling is what truly sets him apart. He approaches each wedding as a unique narrative waiting to be told.

Vivek Kashyap is the creative head of House on the Clouds, which is the leading agency in wedding filmmaking. He has also shot for Arpita Mehta-Kunal Rawal's wedding and has pictured grand celebrations for brands like DLF Group, Jindal Group, and more. His journey into wedding photography began as a passion project, and little did he know that he would redefine the genre. We hope that he keeps doing that!

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