Aryans Academy head honcho Anil Kumar Sharma debunks common misconceptions about tourist visas


Aryans Academy, a leading institution in the field of visas and immigration, has been instrumental in assisting individuals in obtaining various types of visas for countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and more. Founded in Jalandhar by Anil Kumar Sharma in 2010, the academy plays a crucial role in navigating the complexities of visa applications. They actively work to debunk prevalent misconceptions about tourist visas, aiming to provide travellers with the right knowledge and guidance for a smooth visa application process.

One common misconception is the belief that tourist visas can be obtained in a short processing time. Aryans Academy educates travellers about the realistic processing times for tourist visas, advising them to apply well in advance of their intended travel dates. Processing times vary depending on the destination and individual circumstances.

Another misconception is the assumption that securing a tourist visa is guaranteed. In reality, visa officers assess applications based on eligibility and intent. Aryans Academy guides travellers in presenting a strong application, emphasizing genuine travel intentions and ensuring all required documentation is in order.

The misconception that displaying a large bank balance guarantees visa approval is also addressed. Aryans Academy provides guidance on preparing financial documentation that demonstrates the ability to cover travel expenses and showcases financial stability and consistency.

Establishing strong ties to the home country is seen as crucial to proving the intent to return, but some travellers struggle to provide convincing evidence. Aryans Academy assists travellers in preparing documents that demonstrate employment, property ownership, family ties, and other commitments in the home country.

Lastly, the misconception regarding a lack of previous international travel potentially raising concerns for visa approval is tackled. Aryans Academy provides advice on addressing this concern, such as explaining the reasons for limited travel history and emphasizing the intention to comply with visa terms.

Addressing the numerous misconceptions held by travellers, Anil Kumar Sharma emphasizes, "We strive to equip travellers with the right knowledge and guidance to ensure a smooth visa application process. Understanding the intricacies of the application process and dispelling these misconceptions is essential for a successful visa application."

By dispelling these misconceptions and offering valuable solutions, Aryans Academy continues to empower and guide travellers, enabling them to achieve their visa aspirations. To learn more about the services offered by Aryans Academy, visit their website at or check their Instagram page '@aryans_academy' .

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