Old is Gold: How a Toy Brand is Reimagining an Ancient Religion


In a world where children are increasingly engrossed in front of screens, the enduring appeal of traditional toys remains intact. Modi Toys, an award-winning children's brand , has embraced this sentiment and introduced a captivating line of mantra-singing plush toys and books. These unique toys, representing Hindu deities, not only serve as adorable companions but also sing mantras, offering a meaningful and educational experience. Modi Toys aims to create a deep connection with Hindu heritage by fostering an understanding of the faith through play.

A Fusion of Fun and Cultural Significance

Modi Toys recognizes the importance of creating toys that are both enjoyable and culturally relevant. These mantra-signing plush toys go beyond being mere playthings and showcase various Hindu deities, including Ganesh (the remover of obstacles), Hanuman (symbol of strength and power), Saraswati Devi (goddess of wisdom and learning), and Durga Devi (associated with motherhood and protection). Each plush companion sings five mantras, allowing children to interact with the toys in a meaningful way. The carefully selected mantras associated with each deity strike a balance between popularity and simplicity, enabling children to easily learn and embrace the sacred verses. Through the playful melodies, these toys create a bridge between generations, passing on the wisdom and devotion embedded within the mantras.

The Gift of Blessings: Customizable Features and Emotional Connection

What sets these Hindu inspired cultural toys apart is their ability to evoke an emotional connection. Modi Toys also offers customers a bluetooth device as an add-on, which can be easily paired with a smart device, and play any audio file of their choice. For instance, this enables customers to play an aarti or the Hanuman Chalisa in its entirety. Additionally, Modi Toys also offers the options to personalise each toy with a child’s name in any language. This flexibility adds a unique touch, making each toy a special and cherished gift. Whether it's for festivals like Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, baby showers, return gifts, or birthdays, gifting this mantra-singing plush toy is an expression of love, blessings, and faith.

A Universal Appetite for Representative Toys

The appeal of Modi Toys extends far beyond Indian borders. The company's mission goes beyond creating toys; it strives to foster connections, both personal and cultural. With over 30,000 homes in 38 countries already welcoming Modi Toys’ toys and books, it's clear that the appetite for representative toys is universally growing.

Fostering Connections to Hindu Heritage

Founded by siblings Avani Modi Sarkar and Viral Modi, Modi Toys was inspired by their desire to teach their own children about Hindu faith and heritage. Avani and Viral recognized the need for engaging, culturally relevant toys that would nurture a love for Hinduism. By creating mantra plush toys and matching board books about the respective deities, Modi Toys has successfully merged playtime with learning, and fun with functionality.

Celebrities Embrace the Joy of Mantra-Singing Plush Toys

The toys from Modi Toys have captured the hearts of not only children but also adults and celebrities like Mindy Kaling , Soha Ali Khan and Neha Dhupia. Whether it’s a newborn baby in the NICU, a woman undergoing infertility treatments, or a grandmother in a nursing home, these toys have carved a special place in the hearts of people of all ages.

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