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What are the challenges faced by a producer? Darrpan Bangejaa gets candid


The entertainment industry has myriad artists, but we have always credited and appreciated only a few. We admire actors, directors, singers, and even musicians, but how many times have we lauded the producer of a film? Never! Or maybe very few times. These individuals, too, face a similar amount of struggle to make their name. If you don't believe us, listen to it from the experienced person, Darrpan Bangejaa. He is a producer and has spent years in the industry.

He is the creative mind behind Music 24 Records and Films 24. While today he is loved for his work and is held in high regard, there are still some differences that he can sense! Talking about the struggles that are faced by a producer, he says, "People don't usually remember who the producer is. Just like any other artist on the cast, we, too, have shed sweat, blood, and tears to craft any project. From the story narration to cast finalization and post-production, we are in every stage of filmmaking. Yet, producers haven't often been lauded for their work!"

True, isn't it? We barely remember the producer of a film, web series, or music video. Maybe we should start appreciating the efforts of each and every person equally. Talking about other challenges, Darrpan Bangejaa says, "It is also difficult to find the right person for the right roles. From the casting of actors to choosing the director, we have to be very careful about everything. Because one mistake can ruin the entire movie and the efforts of others."

Films are entertainment for the audience, and it is their sole purpose to escape the stress of their daily lives. A producer understands their necessities and works accordingly. Darrpan Bangejaa has also released many music videos, like Janaza, Muskhurana Tera, Disco Wali Raat, and many more. He has many more Haryanvi and Punjabi music videos in the making.

The producer will also release his Malayalam film titled Live in May. The film features Mamta Mohandas, Soubin Shahir, Shine Tom Chacko, and Priya Prakash Varrier. It is directed by two-time National Award winner VK Prakash. We wish Darrpan good luck and hope his hard work pays off.

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