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Drowning in Or Conquering Apprehension – Shreya Talwar


Worry, apprehension or fear, hearing these words itself sends shivers down our spine. This happens because the mere mention of these makes us recollect an incident that is deep down rooted in our mind, makes us anxious about a future event, or simply gives us the jitters with regards to our fears of the unknown.


One of the major reasons for the constant building of our apprehensions is that we fear what others will say, how will they react to our thoughts and in turn we are unable to express and accept our fears. But while going through this roller coaster, have we ever pondered about the fact that would those ‘other people’ help us go through this rough patch, or would it be our loved ones who will help us sail through these troubled times and make us see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, why do we make ourselves and our loved ones suffer for the sake of those who are mere spectators and not even a part of our journey! The most important element here is acceptance, sharing our worries with our loved ones. Even if we feel that our fears are irrational, trust the ones who love and care for us, as they won’t find anything irrelevant that concerns us. Sharing our thoughts will bring us at ease as we will be giving ourselves an avenue to vent out our feelings that have been burdening us, simply because we were just piling it all up within ourselves. When someone lends us an ear and understands from where we are coming, we begin to develop a sense of belief that we are not alone in this rickety ride. We always have a shoulder to lean on and this gives us a lot of courage to fight our fears no matter how small or big they are.


Also, we always assume that everything is going at a smooth pace in other people’s lives, because it has somewhat become an inherent part of our nature to always visualise that the grass is greener on the other side. But that’s not true. There is no one in this world who leads a fairy-tale life free of difficulties, but it’s their ability to make a conscious effort to try and find the reasons to be happy, which in turn gives them the strength to overcome their problems. These people do not lead a perfect life, but just possess a perfect outlook. The moment we find ourselves confined in the shackles of our apprehensions, take a minute to think about all the major issues and sufferings others around us are going through and a realization will dawn upon us to be grateful about so many things which we tend to overlook and that maybe our anxiousness should not be given a lot of thought. Gradually, over a period of time we will gain the strength to overcome our fears. Many of us must be thinking at this point of time that it is very easy to preach these things, but only a person going through these apprehensions would realise how difficult it is to get out of it. Completely agree to the thoughts, but if we give this approach a consideration and make a genuine effort in this direction, it is surely bound to bring a change in our way of thinking.


Let us derive strength from our near and dear ones will power to overcome our apprehensions, as our uneasiness is not only making us go through the ordeal, but also making our loved ones suffer as they make a lot of effort to draw us out of our worries and in return just expect that we are able to liberate ourselves from the ongoing turmoil. Thinking of our loved ones and the things they do for us, would generate within us the will power to go beyond our feeling of anxiousness. Will power is a great weapon, we don’t value its importance, but it plays a great role in giving us the strength to accept and fight our battle. Always remember to not let our fears control and take over us in a manner that all our time gets invested in it and we simply forget to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful and precious gift called ‘life.’


Not an expert in these matters, but just felt that sharing my perspective might bring about a ray of sunshine for someone reading it.



The article written by Shreya Talwar . Shreya Talwar, an author who has two books to her credit - ‘The Hidden Gems' and 'Weaving Emotions.' After her stint as a corporate professional, she took to the field of creativity. Writing was always her passion and she strongly believes that words can create magic and make a difference. It's this belief that propelled her to turn her passion into a profession. Every flight of imagination has an inspiration and Shreya's inspiration is her mother who is not only her mentor, but also her strength. Her Army background acted as an added feather to display an array of her writing skills and deep insight into humanity. She wishes that she is able to bring to light the priceless treasures which remain an enigma to one and all.

Her writing style has been spoken about and appreciated at various prestigious platforms including the ANI and Zee5 news. Her articles have also been published as a part of esteemed magazines.


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