Harbinger of Joy for Women through IVF Treatment


Dr. Sonali Gupta, is amongst the few IVF doctors in Bihar, who is renowned for giving exceptional outcomes to her patients. Working diligently on addressing the prevailing issues of women’s reproductive health, she has brought hope and smiles on the faces of hundreds of women through the successful use of IVF.


Dr. Sonali Gupta was born in October 1985. Her father Basant Prasad Gupta was employed with the Central Ordnance Depot, Kanpur, therefore, her early education started at Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Kanpur, where she studied till class 12th. In 2003, Sonali Gupta ranked second in the Combined Pre Medical Test (CPMT) conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government, and was featured on the cover of the popular Competition Science Vision magazine. Thereafter, she took admission in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, with the intention of becoming a doctor and obtained an MBBS degree from the same university in 2008. She has the distinction of being honoured with the gold medal thrice by BHU. N 2012, Dr Sonali competed MS in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from BHU under the mentorship of Prof. Anuradha Khanna. Her research was on recurrent miscarriages which aimed to study genetic basis of miscarriage and its treatment from

Health of women is a priority for Dr. Sonali Gupta, who has also trained in infertility and IVF under Dr. Sathy M. Pillai, from Trivandrum Kerala. During her training at SP Hospital and Samad IVF Hospital in Trivandrum, she also served as consultant at both the institutions. She further specialised in hysteroscopy under Prof. Libo Mettles from Germany. Dr Sonali Gupta;s has keen interest in high risk pregnancy, minimal invasive surgery in women and adolescents and while at Indira IVF Patna as a consultant, she served couples through her expertise in IVF.

She is a senior IVF specialist at Neelkanth Infertility and IVF Center in Patna, consultant at Care Mankind Hospital and director of Ashadeep Hospital, Well Women Clinic. IVF is another area of focus for Dr Sonali, who has been working consistently for years to alleviate the problems faced by adolescents and women. It has not only established a rapport of trust between the doctor and women, resulting in better IVF outcomes. With her expertise in IVF, she has brought smiles on the face of childless couples, especially women. Her eminence grew rapidly for changing the scenario to that of hope and fulfilment.

Dr Sonali Gupta is married to the renowned urologist, andrologist and transplant surgeon of Bihar. Dr. Vikas Kumar, who has been working on male infertility. Male Infertility is treatable if diagnosed early. Andology is an emerging branch of urology which focuses on male infertility 30-40% of couples. Infertility are suffering from male infertility proper ejaculation and treatment enables the couple to have own biological baby through modern technology. Reminiscing about his wife’s student days, he recalls, “Sonali was not only a brilliant students of BHU, who won the gold medal thrice, but she also raised the prestige of BHU by securing highest marks in Pharmacology and Pathology.”

Dr. Sonali is also doing intensive work for endometriosis a chronic inflammatory disease that impacts the quality of life in women and adolescent. The silver lining is that endometriosis can be treated if detected early, preventing long-term complications, surgery and medical management. In remote and peripheral areas of Bihar, hysterectomy is still the leading surgery, which causes premature menopause. Conservation surgery of uterus is however not in common practice at present, due to lack of expertise and lack of awareness. Timely intervention gives a high success rate of 80-90%, which prevents premature menopause and osteoporosis in the long term. Committed to the cause of women’s health, she is an active member of IFS Bihar IPOGS / ISOPARB chapter and participates in many academic achievements with many research papers published in medical journals, a passion that still continues.

Ruing the lack of awareness among people about IVF, despite advancements, she informs, “If we look at the IVF figures during the last decade, they are quite amazing. Women who undergo IVF treatment in India believe that not only is the success rate good through this method, but the expenses incurred on the treatment are also within the budget of common people.” Answering a question about Mirena and ‘Save the Uterus’ campaign, Dr Sonali Gupta, said, “Keeping in mind the problems of periods in women, I have done a lot of work on Norgestrel IUD Mirena insertion, and for the last few years I have been involved in the Save the Uterus campaign. Through this nationwide campaign, women are being made aware, so that they could be protected from premature menopause.”

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