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Body pain due to long sitting hours? Grin Health’s got the solutions for you.

Body pain is now the most discussed issue amongst people who have long sitting jobs. Most people travel to their office in cars sitting in long queues of traffic. Then they have to sit the entire day to work and they come back home again in traffic. All this sitting keeps the body posture in stress and the neck and back get tired and fatigued.

While most people cannot quit their jobs to keep their back healthy, they can definitely invest in good supports and equipment to improve their posture and add stability to their back and neck but the question most people have is what is best for them?  Fret not because this guide is all you need to know what is best to treat your body pain!

Experts from Grin Health which is India’s leading ergonomic wellness brand have curated a detailed list of equipment and daily-use supports you must use to protect your body against constant postural damage.

1.  Back Pain

If you sit in office for long hours, use a gel-based seat cushion and back support. Gel Memory foams have special properties to keep cool even during long hours of compression. This enables you to sit on a comfortable seat without developing heat and perspiration keeping the body muscles cool and less fatigued. For people with more weight, they should go for a thicker foam cushion like Grin Health’s SitRighttm Pro Core.

If you travel for long hours, you must invest in a good back support for your car. Car seats are designed with a curved hollow in the middle which is not ideal for the back during long sitting hours. As a result, the lower back muscles and the neck muscles get strained. Hence a back support which fills this void and provide additional support to the back that it needs is absolutely critical. Grin Health SirCorrecttm is best suited for this use case.

2.  Neck Support

Neck is the most strained part of our body whenever we sit focused on a screen. Neck muscles get the most tensed especially during driving. Use a neck support cushion that fills the void of the curve from our head to back. This is the area where support is most needed to relax the muscles. Do not choose any neck support, choose the one based on your height. If you weigh more and are medium heighted, choose a large to medium sized neck support. You can go to grinhealth.com to choose the best size for your neck.

3.  For Old Age-related Pain

As we age, our body’s natural cushioning get’s depleted due to loss in muscle mass. Hence, it is important to give external cushioning to the body. Grin Health’s innovation, the 4pc Wedge Pillow is ideal for all age group but specially for old people who want additional support in raising their back to a semi lying down posture.

4.  For Specific body pains like tailbone or foot pain

Specific body pains should be treated with local support. If you have swollen tail bone then go for Soft CoccyxPlus Comfort Seat Cushion which is hollow from the middle to support the bulging coccyx which creates pain.

For foot pain like sprained ankle or planar fasciitis one should go for a good foot rest which allows the foot muscles to relax at all times.

Grin Health is the innovator of many ‘First time in India’ ergonomic wellness products. It’s founder Mr. Dharmendra Kumar had the following words to say “Our body is the only thing that we have. If this is ruined everything else does not matter. So, it becomes necessary for all of us to take good care of this body. Ergonomic wellness products are not just to treat pain for medical use, they are daily use products to keep the body fit enough to never develop pain.”

You too can buy Grin Health products online through E-Commerce portals like Amazon or through their own website www.grinhealth.com and make your back, neck and body happy and healthy.

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