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Imagine, a foodie is getting all kinds of food from starters to dessert in a single thali, the foodie will be happy… Like that, HukumKaIkka is a full platter for game lovers with the most traditional card game Rummy, and the most popular board games Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. Just to make gamers happy, India’s best game development company WorkLooper Consultants has launched a full-fledged online gaming application where card games and board games are under the same umbrella. But still, HukumKaIkka is an exception from the other gaming applications. Because it’s not only a gaming application for fun games, but also a reliable source of real money earning games.

HukumKaIkka always prioritizes gamers’ safety and security for building a trust bond. For safety purposes, HukumKaIkka demands every individual player must do the KYC verification with a photo of the original PAN Card and the AADHAAR Card number. After entering the AADHAAR number, an OTP will be received at the registered mobile number. This process helps prevent fraud. Even players get ₹10 cash in their deposit balance for doing KYC successfully. This money earning game promises that this multi-gaming online platform is 100% bots free and the gamers play against the real players. There are endless amazing features like a spin wheel, scratch card, and refer & earn in the gaming application. 

Online Rummy in HukumKaIkka the Best Real Money Earning Games in India

Rummy is one of the most popular and traditional card games in gaming history. With its amazing gaming features, this card game always wins gamers' hearts. When this traditional card game becomes the best money earning games available anytime online, it’s a big present for the Rummy enthusiasts. 

Rummy Variants

For the sake of every preference, HukumKaIkka serves various kinds of online Rummy games. In the HKI application, there are three major kinds of Rummy variants available: Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy. 

Points Rummy

The quickest form of Rummy gameplay is known as Points Rummy. In this Rummy variant, the winner is decided by the first declaration with the 0 point.

Deals Rummy

In Deals Rummy, players get two kinds of Rummy games: 2 Deals Rummy and 6 Deals Rummy. In this Rummy variant, the winner is decided by the most points.

Pool Rummy

There are two types of Pool Rummy available in HukumKaIkka: 101 Pool and 201 Pool. Players have to maintain the lowest score as much as possible. Although a player reaches point 101 or 201, then the player gets eliminated and the other player wins the match.

Online Ludo Game in HukumKaIkka

HukumKaIkka offers players the chance to earn unlimited real money to play Ludo online. Ludo is one of the most popular and oldest board games that memorizes childhood memories. But now with HukumKaIkka, this game has turned into a way of earning unlimited real money.

Ludo Game Variants

Classic Ludo

In this Ludo variant, players have to move all 4 tokens from the starting box to the home by rolling the dice.

Rapid Ludo

The quickest form of online Ludo game variants. In Rapid Ludo, players have to move only one token from the starting box to the home.

Score Based Ludo

In the Score based Ludo variant, players have to keep a high score because the player with the highest score is declared as the winner of the match. 

Various Tournaments of Rummy and Ludo in HKI

Tournaments are one of the most amazing features of the HukumKaIkka. A player can win unlimited real cash prizes by playing all of the available tournaments regularly in HKI. Daily registration for tournaments starts after midnight (IST). There are various kinds of tournaments at different times in HukumKaIkka. There are four types of Rummy and Ludo tournaments available for online gaming enthusiasts: Hourly Tournament, Daily Tournament, Weekly Tournament, and Monthly Tournament.

In HKI tournaments, Points Rummy and Rapid Ludo are played.

Hourly Tournament

 Hourly tournaments of online Rummy and online Ludo are played three different times a day.

Daily Tournament

After doing the registration, players can play the daily tournament anytime once a day.

Weekly Tournament

These tournaments start on the first day (Monday) of every week and end on the last day of the week.

Monthly Tournament

The monthly tournaments of Rummy and Ludo start on the first day of every month and end on the last day of every month.

To know more, download the HukumKaIkka application or visit the official website.

Snakes & Ladders in HukumKaIkka

The HukumKaIkka gaming app offers a very popular and one of the oldest board games called Snakes & Ladders online, which is highly enjoyed by gaming enthusiasts. This game adds an additional layer of fun to the gaming experience. The rules and variations of Snakes & Ladders in this app are quite similar to the Ludo game. 

Snakes & Ladders Variants

There are three different types of Snakes & Ladders available in the app:

1. Classic Snakes & Ladders: 

In this version, players roll the dice to move four tokens from the starting point to the finishing point. The first player to reach the finish line emerges as the winner.

2. Rapid Snakes & Ladders: 

In this version of Snake & Ladder, players have four tokens but only need to move one token from the starting point to the home to win the game.

3. Score Based Snakes & Ladders:

This version involves players having a chart of upcoming numbers and 36 chances to win. The dice automatically rotate, and players have to maintain a high score to win. There are no additional points for attacking opponents' tokens, but players receive an extra chance. For sending tokens from the starting point to home players can earn an additional 100 points.

Bonuses and Coupons in HukumKaIkka

There is no limit to earning bonuses. HukumKaIkka, this real money earning game is the ultimate premium platform for passionate gamers. Here a player can earn unlimited coupons and bonuses while having unlimited fun playing multiple skill-based games like Rummy, Ludo, and Snakes & Ladders. Even HukumKaIkka gives the rewards of regular attendance to the daily attendee. There are two types of attendance bonuses: Weekly attendance bonus (₹20) for the attendees who are present for a whole week and Monthly attendance bonus (₹500) for the attendees who are present for the whole month. 

Refer & Earn Levels

For referring friends and family members, an existing player also can earn ₹10 along with the newcomers as a referral bonus after every single referral. There are 4 different levels for the referrer. According to the level, the referrer can earn a certain percentage of commission:

Bronze Level: For referring up to 199 people, a referrer can earn 1% commission on every cash gameplay of the referees.

Silver Level: For 200-299, the referrer can earn 1.2% commission on every cash gameplay of the referees. 

Gold level: For 300-499, the referrer can earn 1.5% commission on every cash gameplay of the referees. 

Platinum Level: For 500+, the referrer can earn 2% commission on every cash gameplay of the referees. 

Responsible Gaming in HKI

Real money earning games should always promote responsible gaming which should be skilled games like rummy, ludo, poker and many more. Regarding responsible gaming, there is a pre-set limit for investing money and time in the application. Other than that there are self-assessment and self-exclusion features for gamers to not make the games habitual. 

24/7 Help and Support 

If players need any kind of help or have any queries, there is a help and support team of HukumKaIkka for 24/7. 

So gamers, what are you waiting for? Just go and download the HukumKaIkka application to enjoy the online versions of card games and board games and earn unlimited real cash.

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