Hyundai Verna Sedan vs Creta SUV: Which Tops the Charts?


Hyundai's hot-selling Creta SUV faces fresh competition from the all-new avatar of the elegant Verna sedan. Though related, differences in size, engines, features, and pricing across top versions emerge. We compare what customers get from these two high-tech, modern vehicle stablemates vying for buyer attention now.

An Overview of Verna

Hyundai upped their game with the newest Verna. The sleek four-door has a look that says both sporty and elegant. Under the hood, you have options, such as zippy turbocharged engines. Inside hits high marks for tech and comfort with ventilated seat options to keep you cool. Loaded with safety features like airbags, the Verna new model aims to be the full package for those seeking an affordable mid-size sedan. It could be better, but a solid choice still.

An Overview of Creta

The Creta is Hyundai's trendy SUV model that's become super popular in India. With its bold exterior styling and kitted-out interior, you can see why buyers dig the Creta. It has comfy seats, modern tech features, and some peppy engine options, including a turbocharged one. On the road, the Creta handles nicely whether you're cruising around the city or venturing to places off the beaten path. The Creta ticks all the boxes for an SUV that looks cool, drives excellent, and won't break the bank. For those looking into the upscale variant, the Creta top model price is competitively set to reflect its premium features and capabilities.

Design and Aesthetics

The Verna sedan has a bold, sporty look with its wide parametric grille, sleek headlights, and coupe-inspired side profile. It looks futuristic and dynamic from most angles, and the sharp lines and creases give it an aggressive stance.

The Creta SUV, on the other hand, features a more upright and boxy design that prioritises functionality over style. It gets a chunky grille and vertically stacked headlights that give it a solid road presence. The boxy proportions allow greater interior space and ease of access than the Verna.

While the Creta's exterior design focuses more on practicality, the Verna aims for a performance-oriented aesthetic that sacrifices some interior room for a lighter, sportier feel. The choice comes down to whether you prefer form or function. The Verna turns more heads with its curves, while the Creta provides greater versatility. Both vehicles successfully accomplish different design goals.

Engine Specifications

The Verna sedan offers buyers a choice between two fuel-efficient petrol engines - a turbocharged 1.5-litre motor that delivers spirited performance or a naturally aspirated 1.5-litre motor focused more on refinement.

The Creta compact SUV takes a different approach, offering one petrol, one turbo-petrol, and one diesel engine. The torquey 1.5-litre diesel caters to high mileage seekers, while the turbo-petrol prioritises driving enthusiasm with its punchy power delivery. The regular petrol motor balances power and efficiency.

Where the Verna keeps things simple with two mainstream engine options, the Creta adds flexibility with an additional diesel powertrain in the mix. Buyers who frequently carry heavier loads or cover longer distances might find the Creta better suited to their needs. But the peppy turbo petrol Verna fits the bill nicely for those looking for easy city commuting.


The Verna offers a mileage ranging between 18.6 and 20.6 km/l, depending on your chosen variant. So whether you pick the manual or automatic, you're assured of good fuel economy. It makes the Verna a great option for city driving and longer highway trips without stopping too often to refuel.

Comparatively, the Creta diesel delivers an estimated 21.8 km/l, as per ARAI, which is exceptional for an SUV. The petrol engine is rated at 18.4 km/l. So, if you mostly commute by city, the diesel Creta can keep going for over 500 km thanks to its large fuel tank. And the petrol has enough juice to handle urban duties all week long between fill-ups.

Both Hyundai models are quite fuel efficient, but the Creta diesel can eke out slightly better economy owing to its SUV dimensions and powertrain tuning. So consider your usage before picking between these well-matched contenders.


The Verna handles nicely for a sedan - the steering feels responsive, allowing you to place the car where you want through corners precisely. With over 150 horsepower from the turbo-petrol engine, there's also decent punch when you need quick acceleration.

The Creta SUV carries its heavier weight well thanks to a smoothly tuned suspension. The diesel engine delivers excellent muscular low-end torque to get it moving quickly, while the turbo-petrol adds a bit of pep to the driving experience. Riding in the Creta is comfortable over uneven roads—the suspension smoothes out the bumps.

While both models are enjoyable to drive in their own right, the Verna leans sporty with its agile dynamics, while the Creta focuses more on comfort and backseat spaciousness expected from an SUV. Test drives should help make the right choice to suit individual driving preferences.


Deciding between Hyundai's sedan and SUV comes down to what you value most. The Verna is lower to the ground and aimed at those who enjoy a sportier drive. With its responsive handling, it's at home on curvy roads and appealing if you rarely haul passengers.

The Creta gives you more space inside for people and gear. It drives smoothly but feels more considerable being an SUV. The higher seating position provides great visibility, making it easier to manoeuvre. Its softer ride soaks up bumps better, keeping you and your passengers comfortable on rough roads.

Both offer Hyundai's latest tech and safety, along with dramatic styling inside and out. The best way forward is to test-drive them yourself. You can't go wrong picking between Hyundai's reliable, efficient, and well-equipped sedan and SUV—it depends on your needs and preferences behind the wheel.

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