How to Download e-Aadhaar Card Online Easily 2024


The Aadhaar card, issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), has become one of the most important identity proofs for Indian citizens when availing government services and benefits. The e-Aadhaar is the electronic version that can be downloaded online in just a few simple steps.

Checking Aadhaar Card Status Online

Before proceeding to download your Aadhaar, you should first check the application status on the UIDAI's official website. This will confirm whether your Aadhaar has been issued and is ready for download.

Follow this process:

·  Go to the UIDAI's Check Aadhaar Status page

·  Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number along with the security code shown

·  Enter the captcha code and click Send OTP

·  Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number

·  The page will now display your Aadhaar status

The different statuses you may get are:

·  Processed - Aadhaar has been issued and printed. Ready for delivery/download

·  Under Process - Aadhaar application is being processed

·  Rejected - Application was rejected for specified reason

·  Not Found - Invalid Aadhaar number entered

As long as the status says processed, you can proceed to downloading e-Aadhaar.

Downloading Aadhaar Card Online

To be eligible for downloading the e-Aadhaar, your Aadhaar status must be processed and your registered mobile number must be verified.

Follow these steps:

1.  Go to the UIDAI's Download Aadhaar page

2.  Enter the following personal details:

o  Aadhaar number

o  Full name as per Aadhaar

o  Security code displayed

o  Pincode of registered address

3.  Click Send OTP. Enter OTP received on mobile to validate operation

4.  Upon successful verification, click Download Aadhaar to get the e-Aadhaar PDF

The PDF e-Aadhaar is digitally signed by UIDAI and has a blue colored digital signature with holograms to prevent tampering. You can print it or store it on your devices as an official identity and address proof.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are unable to download the e-Aadhaar for any reason, here are some troubleshooting tips:

·  Check if your name on Aadhaar matches your document proof exactly

·  Verify your mobile number is correct

·  Attempt downloading at off-peak hours as the server may be busy

·  Contact UIDAI support if issue persists

Using DigiLocker for Downloading Aadhaar

DigiLocker is an Indian government initiative under Digital India that allows citizens to access official documents digitally through the cloud. It has partnered with UIDAI to provide digital Aadhaar services and other Government schemes and programs .

Follow below steps to use DigiLocker:

1.  Go to and register using your Aadhaar

2.  Login and select Pull Documents in the Aadhaar card section

3.  Enter details as required to automatically pull your e-Aadhaar

4.  The e-Aadhaar PDF will be added to your DigiLocker account

Key benefits of accessing Aadhaar from DigiLocker:

·  No OTP validation needed

·  Can store and access it from any device

·  Additional documents also available from other government agencies

So in addition to the main e-Aadhaar download process, DigiLocker provides a convenient alternative with lots of useful features.

Ways to Get Aadhaar Card if You Don't Have it

If you don't have access to your Aadhaar card currently, below are some options to retrieve it:

1.  Request Reprint Online: File request on UIDAI website specifying reason

2.  Aadhaar Enrollment Center: Visit nearest center to apply for duplicate

3.  Retrieve using Enrollment ID: Use your original enrollment slip ID

4.  Use registered Mobile Number to retrieve your Aadhaar details

5.  Use Enrollment Slip Number if you still have it

Be sure to carry alternative photo ID proof for applying through any of the above options.

Tracking Aadhaar Card Delivery Status

If you have ordered a reprint of your Aadhaar through India Post, you can track the delivery status on its website:

1.  Go to

2.  Click on Track Consignment under the Quick Links section

3.  Enter the 19 digit consignment number and captcha code

4.  The current status of your Aadhaar delivery will be displayed

Typically Aadhaar reprints are delivered within 5-7 working days. If not received on time, contact the post office support.

Updating Details on Aadhaar Card

It is also important that you keep your Aadhaar details updated at all times for accuracy. Here is how to change details in e-Aadhaar:

1.  Name Change: Submit proof of name change reason at Aadhaar center

2.  Photo Update: Visit center to take new photo that meets UIDAI standards

3.  Demographic Details: Fill form online to update age, address or mobile number

This will ensure all your official documents have your latest details populated correctly for seamless KYC verification.

By following this comprehensive guide, Indian citizens should have no trouble in downloading their e-Aadhaar online through UIDAI's portal using either website or mobile based method as per convenience.

One can also retrieve their lost Aadhaar card by alternative options provided. So be sure to bookmark this step-by-step process for quick reference later.

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