Cognixia: A Global EdTech Powerhouse Led by Deepesh Bhagwanani

In the fast-growing landscape of education technology, Cognixia, a Collabera Group


In the fast-growing landscape of education technology, Cognixia, a Collabera Group organization, has emerged as a pathfinder under the leadership of Deepesh Bhagwanani. Since joining in 2017, Deepesh has played a pivotal role in transforming Cognixia from a startup to a global EdTech powerhouse. As the Director of Delivery & Operations, his responsibilities encompass strategic planning, digital portfolio management, personnel management, strategic alliances, customer success, and talent development.


Cognixia , now one of the fastest-growing EdTechs, has upskilled over 175,000 professionals across 55 countries, boasting eight Centers of Excellence in areas such as Platform Development, Cloud, Cyber Security, and Generative AI. Working with 7000+ instructors and subject matter experts, Cognixia stands as a digital native organization with emerging technologies at its core.

Driving Innovation and Excellence: Deepesh Bhagwanani's Visionary Leadership at Cognixia

Deepesh's journey at Cognixia has been marked by significant milestones. From establishing a dedicated Delivery & Operations function for North American customers to collaborating with government initiatives like Singapore SkillsFuture and Malaysia's Human Resource Development Fund, his strategic vision has been instrumental in shaping Cognixia's global footprint. Additionally , the JUMP (Hire-Train-Deploy) practice, initiated under his leadership, has seen exponential growth at over 100% YoY for three consecutive years.

Differentiating himself from others in the industry, Deepesh Bhagwanani is a Digital Talent Strategist and Solutioning Expert with over 15 years of experience in EdTech and Talent Transformation. His work involves collaborating with Fortune 100 & 500 customers to address talent acquisition challenges, leveraging a deep understanding of technology and regional talent markets. Under Deepesh's leadership, Cognixia has built eight Centers of Excellence, powering more than 800 digital programs in various domains. His contributions to areas like Hyperscalers, Customer Experience, Low-code No-code, and Generative AI have garnered industry commendation.

As an industry observer, Deepesh identifies two pivotal trends—Generative AI and data-driven innovations—that are reshaping the tech landscape. Generative AI streamlines tasks and enhances efficiency, while data-driven insights provide organizations with a competitive edge by informing decision-making and addressing skill gaps.

Guiding the Future: Deepesh Bhagwanani's Insights on Navigating the Dynamic Tech Landscape

Deepesh is drawn to the tech industry for its constant innovation, impact on businesses and people's lives, problem-solving challenges, continuous learning, global impact, collaboration, and challenging the status quo. The industry offers opportunities for global impact, allowing Deepesh to contribute to projects with worldwide impact. In the dynamic world of technology, teamwork not only produces creative solutions but also offers a deeply fulfilling chance to impact young people's employability and skill development. Deepesh and his forward-thinking group are going to have a big impact in the next two years. The over 2000 jobs they hope to create will be specifically geared towards youthful talent. This programme helps to create a workforce that is competent and empowered in addition to meeting the urgent need for job opportunities. Deepesh and his colleagues hope to bridge the gap between industry demands and young, energetic talent by utilising the collaborative culture of the tech sector to play a significant role in moulding the future careers of many aspirants.

Key factors contributing to his success include adaptability, continuous skill development, problem-solving abilities, networking, innovation, and resilience. Looking toward the future, Deepesh envisions expanding Cognixia's North American operations, aiming to replicate the success achieved in India, Singapore, and the Philippines. His long-term goal is to reduce the digital talent shortage by scaling the Hire-Train-Deploy practice, fostering local jobs, and fast-tracking IT careers for local Americans.

In offering advice to readers, Deepesh emphasizes embracing lifelong learning, adaptability, networking, problem-solving skills, collaboration, ethical considerations, mentorship, communication skills, risk-taking, work-life balance, curiosity, and setting clear goals. These principles, drawn from his own experiences, form a roadmap for success in the dynamic tech industry. At last, we just want to say that the journey of Deepesh Bhagwanani at Cognixia exemplifies the transformative power of visionary leadership in navigating the EdTech landscape. His constant commitment to innovation, talent development, and global impact positions Cognixia as a leader in the ever-evolving world of education technology. For more info visit   

Written by Alisha Chaudhary

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