Sustainability Meets Style: How GoEco is Revolutionizing the Disposable Tableware Industry


GoEco, an initiative of Grabeco Packaging LLP, offers sustainable and stylish disposable tableware products, which include bowls, plates, meal trays, and food containers. The moderately priced single-use dinnerware will now be available on the official website of the brand for the environmentally-and-socially-conscious consumers across the country.

GoEco, a hundred percent plastic-free and compostable tableware brand, aims to spread awareness of sustainable tableware alternatives to plastic and thermocol. The compostable dinnerware brand will offer a sophisticated element of nature to each table and provide a one-stop shop for buying beautifully designed and eco-friendly products that can withstand hot and cold food and liquids, are microwavable, and are oven safe.

Whether it is setting up for a family dinner together or refilling disposable office dishes, GoEco bagasse biodegradable tableware products are the perfect option for convenience and environmentally-friendly cleanup.

Eco-friendly and all-natural products ensure safety from all risk-free from all dangerous chemicals such as PFAS. A better alternative to plastic tableware, GoEco's bagasse tableware range has been designed to hold greasy foods without liquids seeping through. These disposable containers are commercially as well as home compostable.

They are manufactured from renewable plant fibers, and their affordable range of good contact safe and microwave and freezer-safe products are strong, stylish, and stackable. They are designed in such a way as to enhance our communities and way of life through measurable improvements to our environment.

The brand promotes eco-friendly products that have been derived from renewable resources and that are entirely biodegradable. The announcement of this new collection of products is revolutionizing the disposable tableware industry in globally by emphasizing maintaining a clean environment. The hundred percent compostable disposable tableware has been created from bagasse, a re-purposed by-product of processed Sugarcane.

Speaking about how sustainability meets style, Mr Utkarsh Sharma, Director of Grabeco Packaging , said, “Since our inception, we have been striving to expand and reach more and more people in the disposable tableware industry. Our massive online presence across the country is another milestone that we have achieved in making India a sustainable nation.”

The Founder of the company added, “We are following a targeted approach to ensure we deliver sustainable, stylish, sophisticated, eco-friendly, and regenerative materials into the ecosystem. We are certain we are on track to become an inspiration to several sustainable brands and revolutionize the disposable tableware industry."

GoEco has already led the way in creating eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing single-use dinnerware. Over the years, the brand has established itself as one of the leading brands for compostable and plastic-free tableware.

"Our mission is to produce the highest quality products at fair prices, using sustainable production methods and fair-wage labor. We stay true to the Earth by borrowing an agricultural by-product, Sugarcane, and returning them to the Earth through compost.

The company aims to build a sustainable ecosystem and strengthen its vision to go green by giving back the maximum to Mother Nature. With all biodegradable products, the brand's motto is clear – declare an open war against environmental pollution.

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