Exploring the Possibilities of the Lottery: A Game Changer


People know what is good for them, and that they’re better off if you allow them to spend their money on whatever they personally value the most. There are good drugs and bad drugs; good cinema and bad cinema; good internet content and bad internet content; good leader and bad leaders; good citizens and bad citizens, as good and bad have unfortunately, conditionally and momentarily become a mandatory part of world and life, it mandates me to pen and talk about the Karnataka’s decision towards requests being placed by the authorities of the state (of KSRLMA) for reconsidering selling lotteries and vanish from state the illegal gambling which seemed to be looting people’s money worth thousands of crores.

People willing to play the Mega Millions and check their luck of fortune of all of a sudden economical advancement is like their own willingness to invest a small on a boon, which is unbelievably and comparatively huge return of volume. As long as lotteries remains a choice of voluntariness which has no external force on the buyer (legal or illegal), lotteries are okay for me and for everyone. As they generate highly considerable, easy and riskless revenue to a Government, as they contribute to trading possibilities and increase in employability, as they stop people indulging in illegal gambling which sometimes have addictive potential.

Lotteries can help the Karnataka Government to diverse this revenue for the infrastructural development and better standards of living to the public and other related developments in many untouched areas where Government hand is required. When legal lottery is introduced, the Government can take stern steps to completely eradicate illegal lotteries currently prevailing in the market and hence bring in stringent rules and regulations to curb this issue. As The Honorable Ex Prime Minister of United Kingdom Tony Blair says, “ Anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given the chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom, not tyranny; democracy, not dictatorship; the rule of law, not the rule of the secret police.” The Government of Karnataka should understand the need of the present, should consider the increased prevalence and interest among the people for buying lotteries, test their luck and build their fortune. As far as there is no external pressure that is being applied on individuals in view of making them buy lotteries on their own choice, the Karnataka Government legalizing the lottery in its state is totally safe.

Currently because there are no rules and regulations to bind the illegal lotteries existing in the market, the public is falling prey for it and getting cheated and hence affecting their family living. For the Public - When a legal lottery is introduced in the market and there are strict rules and regulations, their rights for a chance to win a lottery and upgrade their living standards is on a much positive scale. So in the middle of pleas being placed before the concerned authorities of Karnataka Government; I, on legal ground, would choose to request the authorities to reconsider those pleas that seeks to uplift the lotteries in the state, which in turn would keep away the people from betting on illegal gambling.

C Ramakrishna, the president of Karnataka State Retail Lottery Merchants Association had alarmed the Government with the information that the state is losing Rs 6000 crore annually due to ban on paper lottery. He also had expressed the idea of providing job opportunities through lottery business to the Mangalmukhis, such an initiative certainly would help to improve their lives by which they become self-reliant.

Lotteries can help raise money for fulfillment of various promises of financial aid, development activities that the currently ruling party of Government had announced during recently held election.

It is evident that many other parts in India, to be very specific the lotteries run in West Bengal should be taken as a model as their residents are given a better chance for the extra income and the West Bengal Government has generated a revenue of Rs.4875 Crores during the last Financial Year, likewise in Punjab, Maharashtra and many other states generating revenue in crores, then why not in Karnataka? Lotteries does provide the citizens with extra income and motivation to achieve their goals which otherwise our day to day job can't help them fulfil it.

As there is a quote, “Good things take time”, the wait for Karnataka Government to green signal lottery business is worth it, as there are mass of players who wait for playing a money winning game which is legal.

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