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About Us

Our unstoppable journey begins with mentoring Samiksha Gupta (NALSARite) to secure 1st rank in the Haryana Judicial Services Examination-2013. To extend our expertise to other law aspirants in their chosen careers we formally incorporated ourselves as an Institution in 2014. A recent milestone is AIR-1 in CLAT-PG- 2024, silently assisting our student Sri R K Gupta, a serving IRS officer with our dedicated in-house faculty, well-researched and updated contents, as well as state-of-the-art LMS. Undisputably, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing legal education in this important transition phase of the Indian Legal System getting revamped as envisioned by our Statesmen in our illustrious journey to Viksit Bharat @ 2047. We feel proud when our past students share their individual illustrious victories for WE, THE PEOPLE of India of securing social, economic, and political JUSTICE, LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship, EQUALITY of status and of opportunity, promoting FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the Unity and Integrity of our Great Nation. Having silently earned nationwide acclaim by consistently delivering exceptional results, we strive to mentor law aspirants in all their chosen fields through online and offline modes.

We commit ourselves to provide comprehensive guidance after the 12th for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET- UG) & PG (Law), reflecting our dedication to nation-building single-mindedly focused on mentoring youth. Our experienced faculty and proven teaching techniques have always ensured that students receive the highest quality of instruction and support as they navigate the complexities of the CUET exam.

Our Mission Statement

"Happiness for a nation means that its youth should be of good character, learned, resolute as well as morally and physically strong. This leads the earth to be prosperous and wealthy. This is the ultimate pleasure of entire humanity."

[Shikshavali, lesson eight, chapter two, Taittiriya Upanishad]

Manu Classes believes in providing quality education to students in the field of law, in the simplest structured method, intermingled with principles that would help our students lay a strong foundation for life to become successful Judicial officers, lawyers, bureaucrats, and ultimately leaders in all walks of life. Manu Classes also regularly undertakes social activities and CSR to give back its dues to society.


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Our Succes Stories

Dhulipala Sairam (NLSIU, Bangalore) (AIR 3-AILET, AIR 4-CLAT)

I had a dream of making it into one of the top NLUs- NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR, and Manu Law Classes helped me achieve it. I was able to attempt a mock from their websites and the questions in the GK section really impressed me and made me curious and they could help me and it obviously has. Mr Gupta extensive mentoring and support throughout the two years of preparation and the perfection in the preparation material helped me immensely and I was able to get AIR 4 in CLAT and AIR 3 in AILET. Till today Mr Gupta supports me and, in the future, also I believe he will support me. I'm thankful to Manu Law Classes for supporting me in my journey and helping me achieve my dream.

Yashwant Kumar (NLSIU, Bangalore)

I am very thankful to the whole team of Manu Law classes for consistently supporting, helping and guiding me for CLAT when I had no resources to study. Their classes continued even when clat was postponed so my very special thanks to them. Thanks to the MLC team because without their help I might not have reached my dream college

Samradhi Shukla (NLSIU, Bangalore) (AILR 14-CLAT)

I joined Manu Law Classes in February and it was a great help to me. I always aspired to be in one of the top NLUs and here I am with AIR 14 in CLAT and AIR 7 in AILET. I went through the study material as well as the books that were the icing on the cake. All the mocks were as per the syllabus and the books that were provided to me especially the legal aptitude and GK textbooks were spot on and so were the answers given in them. My father and I were unsure about law as a career but then we discussed it with the counseling team at Manu Law Classes and most of my concerns were allayed and they made us believe that we made the right choice. The team was always there to counsel us, my father was unsure about me with boards in the same year but the faculty and the mentors were highly accessible and helpful providing me with every possible resource to aid my preparation. I would like to give a special mention to the Legal Aptitude Book which was authored by our in-house mentors and faculty was of great help as well and is also a popular choice amongst the students currently.

Prakhar Sharma (NLU, Delhi) (AIR 51- AILET)

Manu Law Classes has helped me a lot in my preparation and helped me crack the NLU Delhi examination. The teachers and faculty were very approachable and focused on minute details. All in all, great experience to be a student there.

Trisha Bansal (NLU, Delhi)

What really helped me was 24/7 availability of highly qualified teachers from various NLUs and constant monitoring by them. The continuous mock tests were of great help showing us our strengths and weaknesses allowing us to work on both.

Nikita Sharma (NLU Jodhpur)

Manu Law Classes is one of the best institutes if you are preparing for any law entrance exams. The personalized feedback from the instructors on my performance has been invaluable. The coaching sessions were engaging and interactive, making the learning experience enjoyable. The mock exams and practice sessions have been incredibly helpful in building my confidence. The study materials provided are comprehensive and well- organized and they became an essential part of my preparation. The coaching team's availability for doubts and queries outside of class hours has made a significant difference in my understanding of the subject. Highly Recommend!

Lakshya Sharma (NLU Lucknow)

From the beginning of my preparation of CLAT Exam, Manu Law Classes has really helped me a lot by providing excellent faculty, coaching material and proper guidance from time to time which helped me to stay motivated, encouraged. My aspiration was to secure a seat in top 10 NLUs and I got Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University (RMNLU). Their 24×7 doubt solving facility helped me to clear all doubts regarding my academics and their regular mock test helped me in doing introspection and proper effective analysis regarding my preparation and it helped me to effectively regulate and manage my academics related priorities and enhance my preparation and correct my mistakes which helped me to score better in exam.

Dhruv Gandhi (NLU Bhopal)

I am happy to share my positive experience with Manu Law Classes, a coaching institute that played an important role in my journey to cracking CLAT 2024 and securing admission to NLIU Bhopal. One of the standout features of the faculty was their outspoken and candid nature. The faculty used a combination of traditional lectures, interactive discussions. The classes were well-structured, covering all aspects of the CLAT syllabus, and the study material provided was comprehensive and up-to-date. Regular mock tests and assessments helped gauge our progress and identify areas that needed improvement. In conclusion, I highly recommend Manu Law Classes to aspiring law students. The combination of experienced faculty, an outspoken and candid teaching approach, and a comprehensive study curriculum creates an ideal environment for CLAT preparation.

Our CSR Activities


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At Manu Law Classes, giving back to society is ingrained in our culture. Since the beginning, we have mentored hundreds of underprivileged aspirants and helped them get into top National Law Universities and also the prestigious Civil Services.

Having collaborated with nationally renowned organizations such as IDIA that are making an impact in the legal field. We train the majority of scholars of the organization every year who have gone on to secure top ranks in National UG Law Entrance Examinations.

We are also proud partners of Delhi Police Smart Policing Initiative Project and Shikhar Organization that is supported by eminent personalities such as Virendra Sehwag.


·  Smaller batches For Personalized Attention (20:1 student-teacher ratio)

·  Segment -first Mentorship Program with one-on-one sessions

·  Individual Doubt Clearing Sessions

·  Topic-wise assignments and daily practice sheets

·  Comprehensive Monthly GK Magazine

·  Faculty on Demand (revision and backup classes as requested by students)

·  Training & Counselling for Acing CUET / CLAT /AILET Training on how to develop the right mindset for cracking competitive exams

·  Best Faculty From NLUS, IITs, and Ex Judges

·  Student Friendly Fees (We aim to impact education rather than just earning profits)

·  Trusted by AIRs and legal luminaries (House of Ex AIRs 1, 3, 4, 8, 14, 51 rankers)

·  MLC’s Ignited Minds Scholarship Tests (Up to 100% Scholarship)

Our Upcoming CUET Batches

·  Winner’s Batch CLAT UG 2025 (1 Year)

·  Warrior’s Batch CUET UG 2026 (2 Year)

·  Eklavya Batch CUET UG 2025 (1 Year)

·  Platinum Batch CUET PG LAW (1 year)


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