ERA University, Lucknow: Pioneering Multidisciplinary Higher Education In Uttar Pradesh


The higher education system in India has long needed a transformational overhaul. Since the country’s independence, we have complacently followed an education system that was seeped in the faults of the Macaulay doctrine, amid challenges of building a nation. In recent years, the world’s perpetual volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) has necessitated urgent rethinking of our educational system. The certainty of monochromatic vocational and technical training directly leading to a career is fast disappearing. Additionally, the aspirations of the current generation are quite different from earlier generations. This generation wants more diverse lifestyle and career choices while also needing a personalised manner and mode of learning. With innovations frequently redefining the dynamics across sectors and increased globalisation, industry-wide disruptions spread across borders quicker than ever. Global knowledge economy needs creative and critical thinkers, capable of understanding real life problems from multiple perspectives and providing agile solutions that learn from the past and anticipate the future. Therefore, to address the unique challenges of career-building in the 21st Century a multidisciplinary higher education in Humanities, Arts and Sciences is important. Instead of purely theory-based education and rote learning for exams, the students need opportunities to apply curricular concepts in real-time for finding solutions to problems in the here & now. This applied mode of multidisciplinary education is being offered by Era University, Lucknow through a graduate program in Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS).

Era University is the first university in UP that started multidisciplinary education in Liberal Arts & Sciences, much before the advent of New Education Policy (NEP 2020). Grounded in the fundamental principles of education that prepares for life challenges, the LAS graduate program provides moral values, ethical thinking and civic engagement in the pursuit and practice of knowledge.

LAS prepares holistic thinkers who understand the perspectives of others. The objective of the program is the creation of a caring world of social justice and co-existence. This attitude is intrinsic to the DNA of Era University and informs every aspect of this institute. The culture of service at Era has been a cornerstone since the start of its first educational institute, namely Era’s Lucknow Medical College & Hospital. During the COVID crisis, the exemplary sense of service and relentless patient care provided by its hospital earned numerous awards and recognition from the government and the community alike.

The courses are curated by some of the best academicians in India and abroad. The classroom interactions are discussion based and follow innovative pedagogy. Emphasis is given to hands-on work on projects about contemporary issues which are examined through the lens of various subjects in depth, thanks to a high teacher-student ratio. The students get a real view of workplaces during compulsory internships with NGOs, and through various academic, research and industrial collaborations. All of this facilitates the transformation of learned knowledge into wisdom and ultimately helps students make more informed career choices.

Era University supports deserving students by providing various scholarships and hostel facilities at subsidized rates. The beautiful campus life at the university provides a safe environment for students to learn at various departments of the university like the 3-D Animation and Game Development Labs, Film & Visual Arts Studio, Health Tech Innovation Workshop, Nutrition & Dietetics Centre, Department of Happiness and many more.

The distinguishing feature of the LAS program is the return of ‘joy of learning’ and exploration to the classroom’ by focusing on ‘learning how to learn’ rather than what to learn. Every course incorporates a judicious blend of the Knowledge, Skills & Attitude (KSA) framework in the overall program architecture and the course content of every subject consists of:

• Learning by Knowing’ i.e., conceptual understanding of theory.

• Experiential Learning ‘by doing’ i.e., application of concepts to real life problems to hone practical skills.

• Personality Development to discover the sense of ‘self’ and the collaborative ‘attitude’ of service.

The program architecture provides courses in four modes:

• Reverential Learning through courses in Ethical Thinking, Wisdom of Civilizations and a course on Happiness and Well-Being.

• Intellectual Understanding of concepts through questioning and reasoning.

• Creative Courses to develop the ‘right brain.’

• Life Skills to inculcate self management.

So come and explore your true potential with Era University’s Liberal Arts & Sciences Graduate Program - a happy place to explore, learn and evolve.

For more information visit or call +91 89579 26677,90440 50047, 72338 00901


B.A./ B.Sc. Liberal Education Department of Liberal Education, Era University, Lucknow

ERA University: 1st University in Uttar Pradesh to start multidisciplinary education as per NEP-2020 of Government of India

• Psychology

• Literature

• Political Science

• Sociology

• Economics

• Computer Science

• Philosophy

• Microbiology

• Animation

• Health & Nutrition

• Mathematics

• Biochemistry

• Environmental Science



Contemporary Philosophy

Classical Thoughts

Creative Courses

Theatre Workshop

Art Appreciation

Design Workshop

Visual Language & Film Making

Life Skills

Critical Thinking

Managerial Skills

Research Methodology

Writing Skills

Course Highlights

• Holistic development of Personality

• Three year course with broad-based multidisciplinary courses followed by specialization and professional training

• Practical application of knowledge

• Innovative pedagogy

• Wide career choices

• Internship with partner corporates

• International emersion

• The joy of learning and exploration

• Skilled faculty and subject experts from India and abroad

• Course designed with Prof. Uma Narain, Founding Dean, School of Liberal Arts, NMIMS University, Mumbai

Diverse Career Opportunities

• Higher Studies

• Film Making

• Journalism

• Multimedia and Gaming

• Advertising and Content Writing

• 2D/3D Animation

• Social Sector

• Management Roles

• Civil Services and leadership roles

• Web Designer

• Nutritionist

• Microbiologist

• Dietitian

Scholarships/Freeships Available

Excellent Hostel Facility

Placement Assistance

Safe Campus

For more information regarding the course please contact:-

Prof. Saurabh Tiwari

Department of Liberal Education


Dr. Sheeba Rizvi


Department of Liberal Education


Era University, Sarfarzganj, Hardoi Road, Lucknow-226003

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