XISS provides a platform for the management education of tomorrow


Teaching the next generation to coexist on this planet is paramount. With the amount of modernization happening, imparting knowledge that focuses on creating a sustainable society with peace, justice, and reconciliation is essential. Xavier Institute of Social Service is one such institute that is the center of excellence in management education, research, consultancy, and development interventions. Its prime motto is to create leaders with conscience, compassion, competence, and commitment to the development and empowerment of the marginalized. XISS is an institute that carries with itself a very trusted legacy of the Xavier group.

How XISS is working towards creating a better future:

l Professional with a difference: The speed at which the change is coming is alarming. The present-day challenges are different and thus we need leaders who are different. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity were the problems that we have always been ready for. But XISS prepares managers and leaders who can handle tomorrow's brittle, anxious, non-linear, and incomprehensible challenges.

l Out-of-the-box thinking: There is a pressing need to revisit, reinvent, reimagine our life and work with an attitude of thinking differently. Adaptation and resilience are the keys not only to one’s survival but to one’s thriving and flourishing. The new-age leader must be an expert at converting challenges into opportunities and thus making the most of the situation.

l Creating sustainable and conscious leaders: The value proposition from XISS is not limited to a flourishing career as a professional in HRM, Marketing, Finance, and Rural Management but an all-round development as a conscientious, compassionate, committed, competent and humane with a deep sense of integrity and character in all spheres of life.

l All-round development of students: Entrepreneurship is going to be the new normal in some days. Institutes must make sure that they proactively analyze this change and hence train students in all possible directions, be it developing acumen for industry aptness or thriving as a flourishing entrepreneur.

l The awakening after covid: The very existence of human life was threatened when Covid 19 hit. All that happened, happened for a reason, the moral and ethical selves within us were awakened. XISS understands the needs of such situations and has taken up the mammoth task of creating leaders who think holistically. The institute nurtures leaders who are equipped with skills that favor coexistence on this planet.

l The clubs: Students at XISS engage in several clubs and communities on campus to build a spirit of entrepreneurship and prepare themselves for the challenges that they will be facing in the professional world. These clubs and communities can be grouped under cultural, recreational, intellectual, professional & charitable. The intensive experience with the clubs at XISS is aimed to prepare a student for the role of an ethical future manager.

Some of the key points that make the institute stand out are:

l Owing to the quality of education the institute has been able to achieve close to a 100% placement track record for the last 5 years

l XISS makes sure that the curriculum is constantly updated and they offer a cutting-edge management program that is at par with the requirements of the future

l The main focus is on social justice, ethics, and values. These are the areas that are mostly neglected by the imparters of management education.

Joseph-Marianus-Kujur - Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director, XISS

l State-of-the-art infrastructure that is equipped with a rich library, IT-enabled campus, gymnasium, AC classrooms, a residential facility for outstation students, counseling cell, 24*7 WiFi facility, and all that a student can ask for.

l Scholarships enable bright students from lower-income strata to pursue their dreams and international student exchange programs offer them an exposure that is unmatched.

l Strong alumni base that is spread across the globe and makes us proud each day.

l Ranked amongst the top 40 private B schools owing to the vision and mission of the institute.

l Eminent faculties who are committed to offering nothing but the best to their students.

l The institute is run by the Jesuit Society, which is the pioneer in imparting education in over 90 countries for over 450 years. Carrying forward the XAVIER legacy through its brand.

The speed at which the times are changing is immense. In order to excel as a manager in the coming times one needs to be conscious and also lead with a difference. Covid was a wake-up call, it is high time that we address the issue. XISS is taking the required step towards shaping a better future where human beings can meet their own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. With all the PGDM programs in XISS as NBA accredited, we proudly say we stand for quality education and focused upgradation. We substantiate our vision and mission by offering several institutional scholarships which are merit-cum-need based. XISS shapes your future in the best frame possible to fit the needs of the coming days.

- Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director, XISS

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