Sharaninarayana, The Director Of Narayana Educational Institutions Says Interacting With Students Is Her Favourite Part Of Her Work


Sharaninarayana is one of the most respected personalities in India. Being a director of Narayana Educational Institutions, she's directly helping more than 4,00,000 students get a proper education. But more than that, she is also one of the most adored influencers, bloggers, and fitness enthusiasts.

What sets Sharaninarayana apart from others is that she genuinely cares about students and loves to help them with everything needed including motivation. Her relentless hard work for the goodwill of students is the reason she receives so much love from people.

Sharaninarayana has received several accolades for her work including the TV5 Business Leader Award 2017 in Education. She has also been honoured by the govt. of Andhra Pradesh on the occasion of International Women's Day in recognition of her work in the field of Education.

Sharaninarayana says that her favourite part about her work is interacting with the students as it gives her satisfaction.

The most interesting fact about her is that she has reached where she is today by consistently working on herself. As a child, Sharaninarayana was immensely shy and faced stage fright. She wanted to do big but her introverted nature always restricted her. She tells that moving on from her fears was a difficult journey. It took her 25 years to get over her stage fright and become an extrovert. But now she is one super confident girl who can inspire anyone with her skilled communication style and charm.

Now Sharaninarayana manages multiple responsibilities in an extremely efficient way. While being the director of an education empire, a blogger, and an influencer, she's also perfectly handling all the responsibilities of a wife and a mother.

Talking about how she takes on challenges, Sharaninarayana says that after tackling her first challenge of stage fright, she had to establish herself as someone whom others can look up to as a role model. "It took me a lot of time to change my personality from an introvert with very low self-esteem to a complete extrovert. I had to strengthen my foundation and gain a lot of knowledge in core subjects like Math, Physics, and Chemistry so that I can contribute to the formation of the micro schedule of the students and address their academic issues."

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