VPSoM to reshape the Business School experience in India


A significant spike in the count of business schools has amplified the number of management graduates in the country. However, the problem of the skill gap remains unaddressed. This gap has further been intensified by the COVID crisis, creating huge inequalities.

Since, the sanctity of business schools remains questionable considering this gap has not been able to mitigate despite the addition of a new business school almost every month, the need for new-age business schools automatically exacerbates.

Even PwC nods and says, "The challenges that leaders face today are more significant and complex than they've been in generations." Hence, at this moment, the world doesn’t need anything more than an institution that’s MORE than just a 'business school'.

Bringing business education in sync with the future not yet known, Vijay Patil School of Management (VPSoM) has emerged as a prime player with its management programs such as BBA and MBA. There is no denying that the business landscape is facing unprecedented challenges from an exhausted workforce and a fast-paced labor market. Hence, VPSoM is addressing this problem via its 3E framework of education, which includes -

•  Experiential Learning

•  Experimental Approach

•  Entrepreneurial spirit

Walking the talk and facilitating world-class education for next-gen leaders, VPSoM has also collaborated with Harvard Business School Online to bring a new dimension to management education. This partnership brings leading Harvard Business School experiences on board through their online content, unique teaching tools, and case-based interactive learning that allows students to access advanced courses like Disruptive Strategy, Negotiation Mastery, Business Analytics, etc.

VPSoM believes that we all have a responsibility towards the society we operate in, and hence it seeks to transform this current state of affairs and reshape the business school experience in India by promoting conscious capitalism. Therefore, the school puts actions behind its words on well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion targets.

The pandemic and rampant technological revolution have caused a seismic shift in the global workforce, with profound implications on education and skills agendas. If we trust the experts, “The future of work has already arrived”. Yet, unfortunately, business schools are still teaching students to mint profits rather than being ‘responsible leaders’ who care for business as much as they care for the environment.

This is exactly what VPSoM intends to address. VPSoM is fully committed to the 4Ps of business -

·  Purpose

·  People

·  Planet

·  Profit

The School also features a unique immersion program totaling over 100 hours of holistic education in its ESG (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) model, which instills an awareness of the significant issues facing society and the environment among the students. By nurturing this socio-environmental consciousness within its students, VPSoM is paving the way for mindful, purpose-driven business leaders to enter the economy instead of ruthless competitors.

The world needs business leaders who know skills beyond business management because the world needs more thoughtful and responsible business leaders now than ever. It’s time to look beyond what meets the eye.

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