Paratha lover

Actor Rose Sardana on her diet and fitness regime

Before stepping into the glamour industry, I was a project engineer at an IT company in Bengaluru for a year. I was not very happy working there so I left and flew back to my home in Chandigarh. It was in 2014 that I got into showbiz as an anchor. Then I moved to Mumbai to pursue my passion in acting. As an anchor I got the opportunity to work with many Bollywood celebrities such as Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and many others. I also worked with many playback singers like Arijit Singh, Mohammad Irfan, Javed Ali, Master Salim, Hans Raj Hans, Gurdas Mann and Diljit Dosanjh.

It was a show called Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi that kickstarted my acting career. Later I acted in many television serials such as Badi Devrani, Hum Aapke Ghar Mein Rehte Hain, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani and also a Punjabi movie in 2019. Currently, I am working on Akbar Birbal, a show on Star Bharat channel.

When it comes to hobbies, I absolutely enjoy dancing and travelling. I also try to play badminton whenever I get time. I would not call myself a fitness fanatic. As a matter of fact, I eat a lot. I believe in giving a lot of food and water to my skin and body. But it is important to exercise regularly. I eat whenever I am hungry. I am a pure Punjabi girl and I cannot stay away from my parathas and desi ghee. I usually consume seven to eight meals a day. So, after every two or three hours I keep on munching on something. I eat anything that is kept in front of me. But when it comes to midnight indulgence, I always stick to dry fruits and a cup of hot milk.

A glass of milk is good before sleep. Add some turmeric to it as it makes it an anti-inflammatory drink with several health benefits.- Karishma Chawla, nutritionist and lifestyle educator.

I firmly believe that one should maintain a balance between family and work. I am a family girl and I make sure that whatever I do with my career does not adversely affect my family in any way. I have seen a lot of actors sever relationships with their families while pursuing their career. Personally, both are important to me and I always try to make it work smoothly.

The art of balance!

As told to Oshin Grace Daniell

Rose’s diet

Coconut water is the first thing that I have in the morning.

Breakfast: Parathas with butter and tea.

Lunch: I have rice and a salad.

Evening: I have a coffee with cookies or poha

Dinner: Roti with vegetables. I also drink a glass of milk before sleeping

Nutrition advice

✲ Include cinnamon water before breakfast to stabilise blood sugar levels and also to avoid cravings.

✲ Being a Punjabi girl myself, I can relate to the love for paratha and butter. Don’t fret, fats consumed in moderation is not a bad idea at all.

✲ Try including a mid-morning smoothie made of greens, an apple or berries along with some protein powder mixed in almond milk. Make it a supercharge smoothie with a teaspoon of spirulina.

✲ Lunch can be a vegetarian meal like jowar roti with green vegetables rich in iron and a bowl of dal with some salad and buttermilk.

✲ Consume red or brown rice poha in the evening. Other snack options are sprouts or peanut salad.

✲ Add some protein like palm-size chicken, fish, paneer or eggs for dinner.

✲ Consume herbs like turmeric, ginger, rosemary and cinnamon regularly as it helps in maintaining healthy gut and also aids immunity.