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Graphologist Sudhir Kove on handwriting analysis


They say the key to success is hard work. But graphologist Sudhir Kove believes there is more to it than just hard work. According to him, factors like logos, symbols and handwriting play a pivotal role in attaining success. As controversial as it sounds, many who support this pseudoscience say that it can be used to evaluate personalities and thereby resolve problems. Graphology is the study of handwriting as used to infer a person’s character. Every stroke and slant points to an attribute associated with the person’s behaviour. But the question is, doesn’t the way we write change with time? It does, and so does our behaviour, according to Sudhir. Citing anecdotal evidence, he says that a subtle change makes a big difference. Known as ‘Logo Guru’, the Pune-based software engineer-turned-graphologist sheds light on the little-known science of personality evaluation through handwriting, symbols, signs and logos.

What made you choose graphology over software engineering?

Growing up, I never really had a good relationship with the ones around me. But, I had the desire to be better and this desire made me look out for solutions. It was in 2006, during my final year that I came across graphology. Initially, it started off as an interest but as I delved deeper, I realised that I started understanding myself better—the way I behave, why I behave the way I do and my emotional drifts. I also started to understand the people around me. It changed the way I looked at myself, my behaviour and my thinking pattern. I read plenty of books on graphology but books don’t teach you everything so I took up short-term courses conducted by experts. I also did a lot of research on my own.

Was the transition from software engineering to graphology difficult?

The change in career did have its own set of problems in the beginning. I come from a lower middle-class family and my parents just wanted me to finish my engineering degree and get a decent job. I did my undergraduate studies in Mumbai and I got a job in a software company soon after my graduation. It was not that I wasn’t good at software engineering but I felt that graphology is my calling. Software had a boom that time and leaving it seemed like the most foolish thing to do. My father stopped talking to me for about two months when I decided to take up graphology seriously as a full-time profession. He kept on complaining and warned me against making choices on an impulse. I quit my job and started a firm on my own.

What were the challenges you faced?

When I started my firm, I had low confidence. I was passionate and I had the know-how but I did not have the knowledge on how to incorporate certain aspects into my business model. After the initial six months, I backed out of the business that I pioneered. But I was not afraid of taking risks and I started two other businesses; I failed in both. Usually people don’t play with fire once they know that it burns but I was not ready to give up. I started a business in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation and it got considerable success. The failures helped me understand the pattern associated with success. I watched how successful entrepreneurs operated; I analysed their handwriting, signature, the logo of their companies and other graphological aspects that were associated with their success. It took me seven years to understand the challenges of running a business first hand. Soon I was able to recognise various patterns and the core of graphology.

How does the concept of graphology work?

Good question. In the case of the medical field, doctors look at several symptoms that point to a possible condition the patient might have. Graphology is hard core science. It tells you the actual problem to a point of perfection. The science also enables one to resolve those issues and not just treat the symptoms. I call it a blend of art and science. Identifying the patterns and then connecting it to different attributes is science and diplomatically putting it forward to a person is art. Most times, people don’t take it in the right way; they feel put down or blamed for their failure. Entrepreneurs are our main focus group, and the first thing that we do is study their business model. We look at the current position of the company, its strengths, weaknesses and thrust areas that need improvement. While designing the logo, we do not compromise on the positives of the company; we keep the strength of the company intact. We usually take 25 days to come up with a logo. However, if the logo is good, then we change the signature of the entrepreneur or the director of the firm because the company is their vision and they are responsible for changes in the company; it is the way they think that can make or break a company.

What, according to you, is a good signature?

The first thing is clarity. One needs to have a legible signature as it shows that there is clarity in the thoughts of the person. The clearer your thinking is, the clearer will be your plan. I firmly believe that unforeseen accidents and sudden medical emergencies happen to people because individuals are not clear about what they want. An unclear signature means that you are not effectively communicating with the universe. The second important aspect of a good signature is the underscore. A bold underscore is symbolic of confidence and conviction in whatever that person does. Number three is having an upward angle. It is necessary to have a signature that is at a 20-25-degree angle upwards. It shows that the person is optimistic and hopeful about life.

Do people take you seriously?

Graphology is not as popular as numerology or vaastu shastra but more and more people are becoming sensitised about it. Last December, I met the person in charge of Fortune Vastushilpa Developers LLP. They had trouble with manpower, documentation and finance. We changed the logo and most of their issues got sorted. The company was able to recover money in a matter of months post the logo change. It also got a new set of employees who increased the efficiency of the company. I charge a considerable amount for changing the signature so that people don’t take these things lightly. Usually it takes around six months for people to start experiencing changes. The change can directly impact promotions, salary hike and financial success. After changing the signature, I ask my clients to practise it for at least 45 minutes every day.

Even wrist watches are symbolic of certain things. What are some things associated with it?

I started wrist watch analysis 10 years back. They say time is money. It can even change your relationship. Everything is a manifestation of time. Wristwatch is indicative of time and is a very powerful tool to mend certain areas of life. I usually fix on the kind of watches to be worn based on the profession of the person. It also depends on the personality traits of an individual. For example, I recommend a watch with Roman numerals for individuals who work in the marketing field as it aids in meeting and interacting new people (as per graphology).

Can somebody fool a graphologist?

I don’t think so. A person may be able to change the style of writing when it comes to three or four sentences but there will always be a break in pattern to the actual one when an individual is asked to write more than that. These shifts in patterns are easily recognisable; it is called involuntary action. The best analogy I can give you is the way one walks. Every individual has a unique way of walking. If they are asked to walk differently, the individuals may do it for a short period of time but not more than a kilometre or so.

Is graphology only for entrepreneurs?

I think everybody must visit a graphologist once in their lifetime. Individuals get to recognise certain flaws and personality problems that may impede them from attaining success. People get answers to various questions related why they are not becoming successful or why they are not able to move ahead in life despite all the hard work that they put in. As a career option, it is an amazing path to take. One can easily earn 02-3 lakh per month in this field but it is not a cakewalk.