Smiling Buddha ASSAM

Smiling Buddha

Even while fleeing China, the Dalai Lama had a confident smile on his face, recalls the...

By Rabi Banerjee | April 30, 2017


  • The curious case of Osho’s death
    The curious case of Osho’s death
    Excerpts | April 09, 2017

    <i>Osho, or Acharya Shree Rajneesh, the spiritual master who preached about the meaning of life, religion, spirituality and sexuality, ‘left...

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  • Saffron stretch
    Saffron stretch
    By Pratul Sharma | April 02, 2017

    RSS plans to expand its base in south and east India

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  • A journey of thousand miles
    A journey of thousand miles
    By Karthik Ravindranath | March 26, 2017

    In the hustle and bustle of Kochi, it is easy to miss Sree Balaji Coffee House, a nondescript wayside tea shop in Gandhi Nagar. But, K.R....

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  • Behind the bamboo curtain
    Behind the bamboo curtain
    By Sun Heidi Sæbø | March 19, 2017

    More than poverty, it is the realisation of having been kept in the dark their entire lives that drives most new-age North Koreans

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  • Battle of nerves
    Battle of nerves
    By Fred Kaplan | March 19, 2017

    For all the storm and turmoil that have kept this president in a near-constant state of agitation, Donald Trump has not yet faced any crises...

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  • Red alert
    Red alert
    By The Week Correspondent | March 19, 2017

    With very few reliable data available, assessing the size and nature of North Korea’s economy is a guessing game. According to a recent study...

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  • Sophisticated simplicity
    Sophisticated simplicity
    By Philip Mathew | March 19, 2017

    A fortnight ago, my elder brother Mammen Mathew delivered the introductory speech at the birth centenary celebration of our uncle, P.C....

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  • Wounded by a thousand words
    Wounded by a thousand words
    By Barkha Dutt | March 12, 2017

    Gurmehar’s deepest frustration is that no one, not even the liberal media, has bothered to see her as a flesh and blood person with feelings

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  • Friendly frontier
    Friendly frontier
    By Namrata Biji Ahuja | March 12, 2017

    Challenged by China, India steps up diplomatic efforts to woo Africa

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  • Much depends on you
    Much depends on you
    By Philip Mathew | March 12, 2017

    THE SUMMER OF 1965. Unforgettable. Fresh out of school, I was in the belly of a steamer crossing the Bay of Bengal. Madras to Penang. My...

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  • Bug the trend
    Bug the trend
    By Vaisakh E Hari | March 05, 2017

    Young bounty hunters rake in the moolah by sifting through stacks of code and finding vulnerabilities

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  • Bringing the change
    Bringing the change
    By Philip Mathew | March 05, 2017

    Come vote counting day, and crowds would throng the streets outside my office. We used to hire a public address system and announce the...

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  • American nightmare
    American nightmare
    By Rekha Dixit | February 26, 2017

    Thousands of Indians hoping for a foothold in the land of opportunity are rattled by moves afoot in the US to revamp the H-1B visa regime

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  • Web of deceit
    Web of deceit
    By Anupam Dasgupta | February 19, 2017

    How ‘suitcase companies’ allegedly helped Mallya and Bhujbal launder crores

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  • Hover to her
    Hover to her
    By Namrata Biji Ahuja | February 12, 2017

    An elite group of first-generation women hovercraft officers of the Coast Guard are now assigned combat roles

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