After her, the deluge COVER STORY

Jayalalithaa’s death could shake the foundations of Dravidian politics

The void caused by Jayalalithaa’s death is likely to push Tamil Nadu into an era of...

By Lakshmi Subramanian | December 18, 2016


  • Bosom buddies
    Bosom buddies
    By Lakshmi Subramanian | December 18, 2016

    Sasikala Natarajan—the name Tamil Nadu utters the most after Jayalalithaa

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  • Saffron dreams
    By The Week Correspondent | December 09, 2016

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  • The caring companion
    The caring companion
    By Jennifer Arul | December 18, 2016

    I first met Jayalalithaa in 1991, as an NDTV correspondent. When I entered the well-furnished living room of her Poes Garden residence,...

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  • The charismatic fighter
    The charismatic fighter
    By Su. Thirunavukkarasar | December 18, 2016

    I always admired Jayalalithaa, from the days of M.G. Ramachandran, the days I have been with her. She was hardworking, popular, dynamic,...

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  • Fighter till the end
    Fighter till the end
    By Vaasanthi | December 18, 2016

    It is intriguing to realise how powerful a political leader Jayalalithaa had been in Tamil Nadu, essentially a patriarchal society still...

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  • A diligent student
    A diligent student
    By Parappanangadi Unnikrishna Panicker | December 18, 2016

    I met her many times at her home in Poes Garden. In 2014, a few of her associates came to meet me after she was sentenced to jail in a...

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  • Miss Congenial
    Miss Congenial
    By K.M. Vinoo Mammen | December 18, 2016

    As her junior in school till my fifth class and later as an industrialist, to me Jayalalithaa’s death is a personal loss. I feel I have lost...

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  • Sweet and bitter
    Sweet and bitter
    By P.C. Cyriac | December 18, 2016

    The arrival in 1991 of the bright young lady, still in her early 40s, at the cabinet room in Fort St George in Chennai was welcomed by one...

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  • The CM, Veerappan and I
    The CM, Veerappan and I
    By K. Vijay Kumar | December 18, 2016

    A protectee's loss at any point of time—even after the body guarding role is long past—is always traumatic. It is a very special...

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  • Inheritance of loss
    Inheritance of loss
    By Deepa Jayakumar | December 18, 2016

    It was a day before Diwali in 1974 that I was born and Jayalalithaa Jayaram was one of the happiest souls, standing next to my...

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  • Oh, my goddess!
    Oh, my goddess!
    By S. Neeraj Krishna | December 18, 2016

    A Madras High Court lawyer is all set to build a Jayalalithaa temple

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  • Piecing together the story: Blaine Alan Gibson with pieces of Flight MH370 debris on Riake beach in Madagascar.
    Blaine Alan Gibson mission to unravel the mystery of Flight MH370
    By Rachna Tyagi | December 11, 2016

    THE WEEK brings you the story of a one-man army’s mission to unravel the mystery of Flight MH370. And what it means to families of Indian...

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  • GUNFIRE AND BRIMSTONE: These battered walls in Kirkuk city say a long story. A story of fortitude. Even as the Battle for Mosul raged, IS snipers unleashed terror from this building—clearly a diversionary tactic. The frustrated Iraqi-led coalition soldiers engaged in a long gun-battle to snuff the jihadists out.
    Mosul : The battle and the battered
    By Francesca Mannocchi/ Photographs by Emanuele Satolli | December 04, 2016

    Mosul, the last bastion of Islamic State in Iraq, could fall any time to the allied offensive. The human cost of one of the bloodiest battles...

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  • Country at crossroads
    Country at crossroads
    By Francesca Mannocchi/ Photographs by Emanuele Satolli | December 04, 2016

    The ouster of president Saddam Hussein in 2003 left a power vacuum in Iraq. The following year, American troops that had invaded the country...

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  • Choc-a-block: The emergency ward at AIIMS, which, like a few other referral centres, works 200 to 250 times its capacity owing to lack of good government hospitals
    Public health is critical
    By Gunjan Sharma | November 27, 2016

    While private hospitals aim at providing world-class treatment and care, government hospitals in India are still lagging behind owing to lack...

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